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  1. I'm in for this one. Easy to do ... but often forgotten. Thanks drneal!
  2. Just ordered mine. Very glad the Texas version was the blue one!
  3. The first clue on that should be PayPal. They take all payments through PayPal, and you can't schedule a charge that way (at least, not in combination with a shopping cart).
  4. Hey, thanks I'm very proud of my Pathtag design, but I have done some others that are better AND worse since then. (By the way, I find this one very fitting for this discussion)
  5. I wholeheartedly disagree, pilkro. I agree there are some great looking Geocoins (some of them blow my mind!), but there are ALSO some great looking Pathtags. Some of us take a lot of pride in our Pathtag designs (I've designed about 20 so far, give or take). A lot of Pathtags are stuff that people just put together with clip art, because the requirements are different. Keep in mind also that Pathtags have much greater limitations than coins, as well, like size, lack of color fill, etc., etc. There are some really great Pathtags out there ... but I can't show them to you here.
  6. Received my coins today. I have to say, I'm very impressed. Very nice coin. I have a 'spare' for trading if anyone's looking to trade.
  7. My vote is for A. C is nice, but it's very hard to see. I don't like B at all, sorry!
  8. tekkguy

    Kathy's Coin

    I received one of these coins yesterday. The pictures are pretty, but they really don't do the coin justice. This is a very beautiful coin. I told my wife the story behind the coin's design, and it's only the second coin I've got that she didn't roll her eyes at. She was very touched. Thanks for the trade, drneal!
  9. Dad, put your pants on! We's got visitors 'a comin to the store!
  10. Looks to me like it's just the tip of the flute from the 'Volunteer' version.
  11. Email sent, fingers crossed!
  12. Why tape an ammo can? If you're in Texas Academy Sports carries the tape for about $5 a roll. Wal-Mart almost never has it since they remodeled their stores. I've never had trouble finding it at the Wal-Mart in Mesquite (on 80). I have found it recently at a Big Lots in Plano, also. Fall colors, but much too bright for North Texas fall which lasts about 30 seconds.
  13. I have the following coins available for trade. I'm open to offers, because my collection is small, so my seeking list is large. Carousel Lion (G/Amber) Carousel Lion (BN/White) ROT13 Dragon Spinner (AS) Appalachain Trail NY (AC) Morristown Benchmark Micro (AC)
  14. Shipping from China to the UK is more expensive than shipping from China to the US? I kid, of course, but perhaps one of the US coin companies could arrange for the mint to ship direct instead of shipping to the coin company first?
  15. I received my mission over the weekend. LadyBee4T, thanks very much for the Crystal Dragon! Definitely the most unique coin in my (small) collection so far!
  16. 20 minutes? Really? Did you verify with John that the coords that you derived were close enough to find the cache? Cause we're still working on it! We're thinking 4 or 4.5 Difficulty, 3 if they have the clue, and you're saying you solved it in 20 minutes? Man do I feel dumb! Would you please share how you did it with me at TheAlabamaRambler@gmail.com ? He did verify it with me. I also would like to know the method. Yeah, I verified the coordinates with JohnE5. I was exactly 10 feet off. I'll share the method with both of you. Gimme a few minutes and I'll type something up.
  17. I finished it in maybe ... 20 minutes? But it might not have been completely fair since I remember a question the OP asked a few days ago here on the forums.
  18. tekkguy

    Clay TikiCoins!

    I collect wooden tiki figures. I'm very excited to see this thread pop up. I hope they'll be for sale ... I don't have many coins for trade, but I'd definitely buy a couple of these coins.
  19. Just to point out the OP lives in Canada. That's what I get for thinking and not reading!
  20. Once you put out a mailbox, it becomes Federal property ... anyone messing with your mailbox would be subject to Federal penalties if someone wanted to get upset about it. (you know, like if your mailman saw someone messing with it)
  21. E-mail sent: 11/30/09 Name Received: 12/6/09 Coin Sent: YES! 12/8/09 Coin Received: Not yet
  22. E-mail sent: 11/30/09 Name Received: 12/6/09 Coin Sent: Not yet Coin Received: Not yet
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