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  1. I don't think that it's within eBay's rules to add a donate button directly to the auction, but certainly if anyone wants to donate, they can contact me directly! I'd love yo have your coin for a second auction. Thanks! PM sent.
  2. My cousin and her husband have decided to adopt a child. This is their only chance for children of their own - however, the process is very expensive. They are trying to raise close to $16,000.00. To help them, I will be listing some auctions to raise money for them. The first auction is up and available. Caching Dove Geocoin w/ Matching Pathtag I'll list other auctions in this thread as I open them. 100% of the proceeds from any auctions I list in this thread are going to help my cousin and her family with the adoption process fees.
  3. Participating: Mar 23/10 Name Received: YES, Apr 6 Mission Sent: YES, Apr 6 Mission Received: YES! Thanks to the person who sent the coins ... ufortunately, I didn't look up who it was. Loved both of the coins I received - they are definitely the oldest coins in my collection, and one even non-trackable! Thanks!!
  4. the reason being is where i'm at i think theirs only 2-3 payphones left You'd be surprised how many payphones are left if you start looking around for them.
  5. I actually considered using the phone number of the payphone as the SMS password - meaning there's no need for a container in the first place. (It also MIGHT allow me, since those then become virtual stages, to use some of the phones associated with the payphone series I mentioned earlier). For the others who suggested that Paypal be used to reimburse cachers, or a toll free number be used - there is a big difference in someone paying a buck or two for a cache, and me, a cache owner, possibly paying several dollars fo each person who goes after my cache. That's not really a feasible scenario. I'll address some of the other points: Autodialer - not sure on the legality of this one. As far as I know, autodialers can only be used for specific purposes, and I don't think Geocaching fits. It would be possible, however - there is already some hardware set up and some software modification has been done to get everything working correctly. Prompt for passwords over the phone for recordings - This is a thought, and something I might look into. There's at least one cache near me by 9key that uses a voice prompt system. But it doesn't fit the same style of story that I'm looking for here. I think what I'll do is put the cache together and submit it. It'll take me a few days, so more feedback can roll in in the meantime. I may hit a snag with the payphone part, but if I list the SMS option as the primary way to complete the cache, and the payphones as an optional extra (you could even mix the two - do one payphone, then an SMS, etc), then I might be ok. We'll see. The cache will get published, even if it's only listed on my own website
  6. Thanks. I know who the local reviewer is - I've got several other caches, and a new puzzle waiting to be published. Figured I'd get some input here before I bothered him with extra emails.
  7. Well, the best part of this idea is that I only have to have one phone number ... not only that, but this one phone number could be used for multiple caches if I did a SET of stories that all were connected. I figured the pay phone part might cause some trouble, which is why I added SMS to make the payphones optional. Cache permanence isn't an issue either, because if the phone goes away or the phone number changes, then the cache just needs maintenance (which I could do from home, since the stages are recordings and text messages). There are also a series of caches in my area that ARE payphones, so our local reviewer doesn't seem to have issues with that.
  8. I have put together the back end for a cache (or series of caches?) that would be immersive in nature. I thought about doing this via Wherigo, but decided that was fairly pointless. This cache could be completed 1 of 2 ways. The basic premise is this: (Option 1 - Payphones with which I have no affiliation) The cacher receives a telephone number and a set of coordinates via the cache page. The coordinates take the cacher to a pay phone, where they call the number provided. The setup I have created allows a recording to be played when a specific caller-ID is received. The cacher would be pulled into a cache with a story line. The cacher would be the central character. Instructions would be given on how to proceed to the next part of the story. Several stages would require using different payphones at different locations to receive further instructions. (Option 2, for those who don't want to use Payphones) The cacher receives a telephone number and a set of coordinates via the cache page. The coordinates take the cacher to a pay phone, where they must locate a micro cache which contains a password. They send an SMS with their cell phone to the provided phone number, where they are entered into the story line and receive instructions. Several text messages would be sent throughout the adventure, each requiring the finding of a micro near a payphone to get the SMS password. Whether you choose option 1 or option 2, the stages are the same. The same cache could then be played two different ways. Because of the way I have set it up, it's actually almost interactive, since you become part of a storyline and must complete some task to receive the next set of instructions. I have all of it working - the per-caller-id recordings and the SMS responses when passwords are provided. Now I just need to make sure that the cache would meet guidelines. I'm guessing the payphone option would be borderline, but the SMS would seem to be ok. I could drop the payphone option, but I feel like listening to a mysterious voice over the phone would be much more immersive than a text message. ------- tl;dr? - I want to set up a cache where the user has the option of using payphones to complete or sending text messages and want to know if it would violate any guidelines I'm not aware of.
  9. The collectors that mail and trade them between OURselves are collectors ... we've bought our coins. The people you are talking about are THIEVES, which is something totally different.
  10. Participating: Mar 23/10 Name Received: YES, Apr 6 Mission Sent: YES, Apr 6 Mission Received: -
  11. At the risk of a reprimand for posting off topic, can anyone tell me if it's possible to set a user on this board to 'ignored' like it is on some other forums? EDIT: (nevermind, I found it, carry on)
  12. Reservations are ending this weekend. If you want to have a chance at this coin and the free Pathtag, get your order in now! Neither will be reminted.
  13. A quick update: The first 75 paid orders will receive a free matching Pathtag! Reserve your coin here
  14. I don't have any pictures handy, but we have three dogs and three cats. 2 of the dogs, and 2 of the cats are rescues. Sierra, the oldest dog, was picked up from a rescue group when she was about 8 weeks old. She was part of a litter that was abandoned on the side of the road by their owner. She is solid black, and we think she is 50% border collie and 50% cocker spaniel. She's got a lot of both in her if she's not 50/50. Beautiful dog, and easily the smartest animal I've ever owned. I taught her to climb the tree that used to be in the front yard in about half an hour one day with nothing to reward her but a tennis ball. Shortly after I got Sierra, I got Rio, the first of the rescued cats. I got him as a companion for Sierra, who seemed a little lonely. He's a black and white fat cat. When he was a kitten, he and Sierra would just lay side by side grooming each other. He'll still climb up in your lap and lick the tip of your nose. Next came Star, who is a part pit female that we rescued after she was abandoned at about 6 months old. She is one of the most loveable animals I have ever seen, although she does tend to have a temper with the other dogs sometimes. After that was Angel, the second rescued cat. She was found inside an old boat that my sister's company reposessed, along with her sister. Unfortunately, her sister didn't survive. Angel came to live with us temporarily, and we never let her leave. We've had other rescues with us temporarily also - a dalmation that the people next door left behind when they moved (jerks) stayed with us for a year before we found her a home. We also rescued a puppy from a vet that had tied her inside a black trash bag when the owners came in to have her put down because they couldn't keep her. He was out of the stuff they use, so he thought a plastic bag would be great. My sister was working there at the time, and took the puppy out - he's now being investigated and the puppy has a home.
  15. DudleyGrunt and I had almost the exact same conversation on the GC4C forums while I was working on the design!
  16. I started caching AND discovered geocoins within the past 6 months ... hooked on both! I'm not sure what bit me about the coins ... I've never been much of a collector of anything until now.
  17. One of my daughter's first words was abacus ... strange, I know, but true story. I will HAVE to get one of these when they are available.
  18. "There is a coin for every coiner, but not every coin is for every coiner." Or something like that.
  19. Well, I did not get the chance to post yesterday, but I am very pleased to say that I did complete the mission! My wife completed the mission as well, although she didn't know there was a mission, isn't a geocacher, and thinks coins are a waste of time.
  20. Have the following coins available: Carousel Lion (G/Amber) Carousel Lion (BN/White) ROT13 Dragon Spinner (AS) Morristown Benchmark Micro (AC) Looking for a "Cros Ceilteach AC" Willing to consider 2/1 trade, and I have some other assorted coins as well if you don't need any of the 4 I listed.
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