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  1. Success, thanks for the help! When I hit the GPX Exchange File button on geocaching.com it gives me no option where to save and directly saves in my "downloads". I then open the TFAT drive that shows up on my desktop when the usb cable is connected to my handheld as lee_rimar stated. In that drive there is a GPX folder. I then drag the GPX file from my "downloads" to the gpx file and it automatically transfers to the device. I tried the Send to GPS function for Garmin as Redwoods Mtn Biker stated. When this is done, it creates a "Garmin" Folder on my TFAT drive. Double clicking the Garmin folder shows a GPX folder where the GPX file is. For some reason this will not transfer onto the Endura. If you drag the gpx file from the Garmin GPX folder to the original TFAT drive GPX folder then it will transfer to the Endura. Both ways will work but just dragging from the downloads to the original GPX folder in the TFAT drive is a few clicks less. Hope this makes sense and I appreciate the help. Kids are looking forward to getting out for a little adventure tonight. Todd
  2. New to geocaching and new to me Lowrance Endura Safari. Question, how for the life of me do I get a cache from geocaching.com to my GPS? I am using a Macintosh and have a premium membership. For some reason it never transfers to the GPX folder when I have the GPS connected to the computer via the USB cable. Calling Lowrance was useless. I asked them to walk me through it but they couldn't because "I have a Mac". Instructions with this unit are minimal. Any help appreciated, Thanks, Todd
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