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  1. Unfortunately, it seems that some have the custom to make a list of track numbers of the coins they have seen, and pass these list to their friends, then they log as Discovered to have more icons in the profile. I think most of the time this happens because of ignorance of the rules game.
  2. There not will be a version in The Geocoin Store?
  3. Fabulous design!, ..a must have for my pirate coins collection
  4. Beautiful coin, I'd like trade.
  5. If the geocacher reads the goal accomplished, should be re-let in the cache, ...however
  6. My coin was also abducted from the first cache (one of mine) five months ago, however the bad news is that was abducted for a 'fellow' cacher that has her own rules, has no respect
  7. Perhaps you can send the coin to the owner...
  8. Wooow!, I can see now the back, fantastic!!, ...for when will be available, where?, there are also an AE?
  9. You know you are a geocoin addict when you're wanting to go home to see what has arrived today, ...eating is not so important!
  10. 300 froggies Thanks for the cointest
  11. I like this meaningful coin!!, I guess the green man is the ORC, ...I don't have yet a bad proportion Found it/FTF, so I'm blue colored
  12. We have had a great event in a sunny day, coins went quickly (next time I'll need more!), ...hunting for new caches in the wild prepared for the event with my own coins as prizes, ...a funny leap into caching
  13. Beautiful versions! ...It's hard to pick one I like Green/Antique Bronze or Blue/Antique Silver or ...
  14. The proper sequence is: packed for shipping, shipped, ...received!! At least in my case has been so.
  15. Coin arrived!, ...I like the touch of ceramics. So there are only 25 pieces from each version (Black, Brown, White)?
  16. I have this coin, with a number that seems a tracking number, a combination of four numbers and letters with the prefix 2H (Two Happy Hickers). Maybe were trackable long ago on another web, before the implementation of tracking in Geocaching?
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