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  1. Anyone have data about the coin SQUARE "T", how many were made, finished, designer, etc ...


    Any data will be well received, I don't find nothing <_<

    I can´t find a coin named "Square T" in the Groundspeak Database.

    At www.mygeodb.de you can search the entire Database. Site is german only.


    Perhaps you should ask the following Member?



    At least ask Annie at Groundspeak. If she can´t say a detail who else?


    Good idea, I'll try it, thanks!

  2. Hi all!

    As some of you know, I have not been able to participate in this event for personal reasons, but I've not dissapeared!

    So, after a time away from the multi-event, today I enjoyed seeing your designs, ... Congratulations!

    I hope to get some of them, and to be part of the next multi, ...asap!


    See you later,


  3. There have been changes in my planning, at that date I will not be able to commit to make an event, so it is preferable not to. Let's see if the next is possible.


    Anyway I'll be happy buying any of your versions.


    Happy event to all of you!


    PD: email sent to Michael

  4. I also like know the history and data of my coins.

    I have one of these beautiful coins, in copper.

    As far as I know, this coin was designed by madhattersneverland and Forthferalz.


    I also found these data:


    ETERNITY at the Olympics


    The word Eternity was featured on the Sydney Harbour Bridge on New Year's Eve 2000.


    The story behind the word Eternity is a fascinating one. To see it written in fireworks during the Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games has given Christians a wonderful opportunity to talk to people about where they will spend Eternity.


    "Inside the largest bell at the old Sydney Post Office on Martin Place is a word written in yellow chalk. It appeared in about 1963. The 'i' has almost vanished, but the word 'Eternity' can still be seen." Sydney Morning Herald, Dec 1999


    The word Eternity, always written in copperplate handwriting with a flourish on the 'E', and underlined by the tail of the 'y', has fascinated Sydney-siders for almost seventy years.


    What about 31-3-13 for next year ??


    The unique feature of the 8/8/8 to 12/12/12 series was that no matter what the date format your country used whether it be DD/MM/YY or MM/DD/YY you could still participate as it didn't matter.


    Anything with the date beyond 12 is always going to be confusing for one group of people and be fine for the rest.


    It's not perfect as 8-8-8 .. 12.12.12,

    but the only option with DD/MM/YY = MM/DD/YY is 3-3-13, 4-4-14

    (or better 3-3-X3, 4-4-X4).

    Well, if we do not want to wait until 2101 to do another event whose date matches the sequence of the type xy-xy-xy (where x can be equal to y), we have to find another type of sequence that occurs only once every year.


    And this proposal is a good choice, ...if the Mayan prophecies are not fulfilled :ph34r:

  6. Received my book today. Excited to read it. I'm still a bit bummed that the place I ordered from didn't have the coin included. Either I missed that info (that some sites included the coin) or it wasn't available. At any rate the book looks fantastic. I've thumbed through it but haven't had a chance to read it yet. Is there a way to get the coin separately since I already have the book?


    The coin was a completely separate promotional project by only one retailer. A limited number of those coins was created to be included as an extra incentive, but if you ask nicely maybe they'll be convinced to make a few more :) Stay tuned though, I've heard whispers of other promotional projects attached to this book in the works, too. :)


    I'm reading Discovered (#537) slowly, is very interesting because it has its own life, I mean that is linear in time and space.

    I have several of the coins as well as some of you mention as special. It's a surprise to see them now in your book.


    I'm especially interested in design development, in the sequence from the initial drawing up the final project, the final result.

    This process is important in order to know why a thing is as is. I would like to see in Volume II some sequences of your design process, if possible. Will be enriching, no doubt :)


    BTW, I'll be waiting for the remint of the coin, if reminted ;)



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