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  1. Pity not to have arrived in time, would be nice one LE in my collection!
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    Really I have no time to make the wikicoin catalogue (I have almost no time for my mini-catalogue!), but I still think it would be very well received by most of the geocachers ... only a few million! Hopefully someone can do it!
  3. If mint will send them on thursday I do not believe in getting them till saturday. Shipping of Thurus-samples took 2 days incl. custom , travelstamps 7 days... I hope to get tracking number tomorrow. I'll send you information for payment when coins are checked and ok. Maybe first next week. Just want to make sure all coins are ok before getting money! I already updated prices of all reservation, see your order history. Changed status of "Mystery"-Edition and "Set of 5" on webshop to "sold out", because no additional "Mystery" will be for sale. All of you placed a reservation and got a confirmation will get them! Got 91 reservations for "Mystery" and ordered 100 = LE is 100 coins Then..., I'm would like an LE, if not too late.
  4. Thanks for your opinion. You can see that I have already answered positively to this question above. I agree with you all, ...by the moment I have decided to make a reservation
  5. I've had a coin minted in black nickel and found the details lost in the black. If I had added color next to the raised areas I would have been able to see the details but unfortunately I didn't know that and am stuck with my choice. I think you will lose much of the outer ring detail unless you put a color in it. No, the birds and the figures look good because they are white, on the black nickel! Symbols among the birds themselves to remain in the background, but that's the idea. Thanks anyway
  6. I understand what you say ...Finally, I'll do what I thought at first When samples arrive, I'll put pictures, and when the coins are in my hands, I'll put a post in case anyone wants one for his collection Thanks for your opinion, Droo and Penny and Kona
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    Thanks, but the work -very good job- was made Mekler, not me
  8. Here's the possible minting of this three versions: RE Satin Gold (blue, green & red color scheme) 50 LE Antique Silver (purple, yellow) 30 AE Black Nickel (blue, white) There will be no re-mints of the LE and AE. Each one (RE, LE, AE) would be around $10, plus shipping costs. When samples arrive I will put photos and pricing details, and will begin the pre-sale BTW, if you like, I supose that you can buy apart the version in Oakcoins. PostData: I learn something new in the world of geocoins. Reading the forum I learned the difference between making a reservation and make a pre-sale. I understand now that a pre-sale can be risky for the buyer. My idea was to make versions for me, give some and sell others. The pre-sale has emerged as a possibility, that someone else may obtain them, if you like If you prefer a reservation, you must wait that coins are in my hands, but then I have to order less coins, ...I think. Opinions are welcome!
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    Very good your database, congratulations and thanks I have not much time for everything I like, so I have to choose, and I think the wikicoin have to make other, perhaps someone will do in the near future, ...I hope Regards!
  10. Well..., I'm thinking about , and is a good idea to make a pre-sale. When the samples arrive, I'll put photos, and then will be possible to start the pre-sale For now, I can put photos of artworks, but the color schemes are not final. Oakcoins is making the coin and it will be their January Coin of the Month coin and they will make a matching pin to go along with it The color scheme of the principle is to Oakcoins. The ones I show below are the ones that I'll put in pre-sale. Probably in Satin Gold Probably in Antique Silver Probably in Nickel
  11. Thanks I'm looking forward to the samples, will put the pictures I love ancient cultures for many years. I have lots of ideas to make more coins, ...if I find a way not to lose money
  12. I'm glad you liked it! No, I am not a specialist in birds, but I like them. I had no intention of making a pre-sale. At beginning, I only will do three finishes, of very limited edition. I can't spend much money, and I don't want to make money with this, just fun and make designs, and that the folks also enjoy. Some may put them on ebay, low output prices or fixed price, I do not know yet. But if the coin like it and there are enough interested, I'll be glad to order more. Regards
  13. Thanks, there will be 4 finishes of different metals and combinations of colors Very limited mints of three of them, I can not spend much
  14. Yeah, is your imagination...! In the samples will look better, ...I hope.
  15. manu luq


    Hi All!, A few months ago I started my geocoins collection I like to have a certain order in my collection, so patiently I'm looking for my geocoins data (still too few), I'm doing my own catalog. Would be very interesting to have an official catalog of all geocoins that exist, and all possible data on each of them: short story, year, country, finishing, photos, quantities manufactured, which factory, designer, developer , etc ... I suppose some day someone (better teamwork ) will get to work, and then we can enter the name of the geocoin, and with a click to know all about it! Meanwhile, the search is laborious and results are sometimes incomplete, but also is part of the fantastic hobby of geocaching. I don't know if this topic has already been addressed here, but if not, if someone likes the idea and wants to implement it, among all would be quick and easy, something like making a database together, open (writeable) and online, public acces. May be called “wikicoin”, the biggest and best database geocoins... I think the second phase would be to agree on what data should be put in the catalog. This catalog may be positive for all designers, collectors, promoters, sponsors, manufacturers, vendors, ... PD: Apologize for the language, my accent is not very good Greetings, Manuel
  16. I think will be on top the front side, on the outer rim. Although sometimes the front and rear are names for identification only, not like the faces A and B of the old records, where the A side was almost always the best song, ...almost
  17. I think will be on top the front side, on the outer rim. Although sometimes the front and rear are names for identification only, not like the faces A and B of the old records, where the A side was almost always the best song, ...almost
  18. Hi All, This is my first post in the Groundspeak forum, and I have the pleasure to announce that my first design will be soon in the air ...almost literally His name is “The Winged Disc”. 2D, Track, Icon. The idea is to represent the first three great civilizations: Sumer, Egypt, India. The winged disc is their common symbol, and gives its name to the geocoin. I put here the final draft, the samples are in way! When I have them, I will put photos. I had fun with this design, I hope you like! Greetings, Manuel <moderator edit to add photo for the OP. But wow, is it huge! >
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