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  1. 1. Participating - 09/17/13 2. Received Name - 09/30/13 3. Mission Complete - 10/14/2013 4. Mission Received - 10/17/2013 A charming spider and a friendly pumpkin on the card , received from Gdyup. The coin is a must have for my collection of pirates. Thank you very much Ann!
  2. 1. Participating - 09/17/13 2. Received Name - 09/30/13 3. Mission Complete - 10/14/2013 ...I hope it will arrive in time 4. Mission Received
  3. I'm in! Thanks! 1. Participating - 09/17/13 2. Received Name 3. Mission Complete 4. Mission Received
  4. I'm looking for New Hampshire 2007, don't matter if activated, to trade or buy. Contact me through my profile please. Thanks
  5. I'll try to do this event, that day is my birthday!, ...just depends on my wallet, will see... Great coin!
  6. I'm looking for a Florida coin with the alligator, I think was minted in 2006. No matter if activated (with later adoption). To buy or trade (I can send you my list to trade if interested). Contact me through my profile please.
  7. Hi Richard!, maybe is not a trackable coin. I'll see it tomorrow
  8. Beautiful coin, I'll need at least one for my egyptian collection.
  9. I don't received yet Oregon 2004 and Kentucky 2006, can you confirm the day of shipment please? Mail usually takes one week to Spain, but it's been three weeks. Thanks.
  10. I think all data entries should be approved
  11. As a Canadian - Yes. What are you looking for in return? That was years ago...
  12. I'm seeking Texas 2002 -the one with the star on the backside- to trade or buy.
  13. IMO, You must put a zero in the box Keeping. In Edition put the finish. How I've been treating Edition is that if there is no official edition name, then I enter the finish. If there is an official edition name (many vendors do this these days), then I enter the Edition Name and I put the finish in brackets so that it is clear) The other way Editions are/can be treated is that they're called Standard or Regular Edition, Limited Edition, Extra Limited Edition, Artist Edition, OR in the case of the Multi-Event and Multi Participate coins it could be Space Coast Edition, or Canterbury Edition, etc - in which case I use that. I am guilty of cross using these 2 ways of doing it. This is exactly what I had in mind with the editions. Hopefully it's not too confusing and will be a good way of organizing coins in the long run. Ok!, as says imoutanabout, there are only one official name for each design, it's the name in the icons data base at Groundspeak. In Edition we can put the version (finish/color/...etc.), and finally, if needed we can add RE, LE, SE, ...etc On the other hand, for most of the early coins there are only one version, so it's not necessary put data the Edition or version, because they are already in the specifications of the coin, ...however you can add it []
  14. IMO, You must put a zero in the box Keeping. In Edition put the finish.
  15. On my 15" screen I can't see the menu on the right (profile, out, ...), can be configured to fit the size of each screen automatically?
  16. It would also be desirable an option for the coins not trackables in geocaching, to add the site, as is the case of some of the early coins, before autumn 2005. Edit to add: - Can stop the continuous movement of the photos? - It's possible put 1.3/5" or 1.5/8" instead 1.6" or 1.625" for diameter?
  17. Today I finally had time to get into your application, I really liked. I saw some details that might be interesting to add or implement: - The type of finish, it would be possible to add it if it not exists?. For example, many of the early coins were made in Brass (other than bronze), or Pewter. - You can add a field to comments, for each coin/version added? - It's possible to add a field for the prefix of the coin? Sometimes it is significative. - It would be desirable to avoid erroneous data. For example, different data for the same coin/version (minting, year, ...) I like this application, thanks for all this work.
  18. All sent/received, here are the pics, thanks for the mathtrade and for the trades
  19. SENDING: (DRNEAL x2) (STEBEN6) RECEIVING: (PINGOS) (THE FOSSILLADY) (THE SMURFINATOR) Thanks Marjon! Thanks Rebecca! Pics when all received.
  20. SENDING: (DRNEAL x2) (STEBEN6) RECEIVING: (PINGOS) (THE FOSSILLADY) (THE SMURFINATOR) Thanks Marjon! Pics when all received.
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