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  1. Beautiful! ...for my collection
  2. Well, this is my proposal. The colors may not exactly as in reality, nor the color of antique copper, ...but I like the result
  3. Perhaps too late , ...but email sent! ...Worth trying
  4. I like blue, and green, ...and red
  5. Great design!, gladly I will play ... if I find the time! But anyway I would get one coin at least!
  6. Thanks for the notice, the four icons look really fine, I like this coin! Pity that "trackable at ..." not in the four parts, I guess there will be some unknown reason.
  7. I like this, I'll try to find my own color scheme for this pirate doubloon!
  8. I like wood, I like boxes, ...and I like geocoins, so I found some boxes with the appropriate steps to organize my geocoins collection. I've varnished them, ...the boxes!!. In time, I guess I'll have different storage media, either for home use these boxes, or small albums to travel, events and trade. Yesterday I saw a metal briefcase's, to paints and creams, ... I will give the content and use the metal box
  9. Very nice!, reserved the three, thanks.
  10. Seeing the 2nd samples, solid colors in frontside (I'll not put photos), I decided to make the minting over the first samples (transparent colors), which have been reserved. The enamel color reflexion between the eagle men and between the words (minimal spaces), which only can see it on depending of light incidence angles, is less significative than the enamel transparente quality, in my opinion. Finaly, the antique silver version is not for sale, I think this one will be for trade only. For those who like know numbers: matte gold SE 25 antique gold SE 25 antique silver XLE 15 antique copper AE 25 The shiny gold is the RE version for the OakCoins/Geoswag Club this month. Late January I'll send emails to those who made reservations. See you later
  11. I feel rather strongly that duplicates should be avoided since it corrupts the tracking system that I so admire. If the numbers are ground off by someone who knows what they are doing and made it look nice, that would be fine, but just grinding them off by hand would be defacing the coins. I hate to see beautiful things damaged. Making new coins with new numbers and selling the errors at full cost or whatever discount can be obtained appeals to me the most. Truth be told Roger, if the number of errors is small, they could probably be sold on eBay at a premium. Myself, I would just want to keep the three that I ordered. I have a duplicate geocoin, a minting error, but the store that sold it to me did not realize until I told him that the activation code has already been removed, and activated. So sent me another without duplicating. I believe it is necessary to have the activation codes. So you can know if everything is correct, or maybe not. I've saved my geocoin duplicate, and to avoid identity problems with the original, in the future, in this dimension or another, I've deleted the duplicate track number, without damage the coin. It is preferable to remove the track, rather than destroy the coin. But is no longer a geocoin, it lost identity!, ...but still pretty!
  12. I can have those geocoins with duplicate tracks in my collection without any problem for many years, but there maybe have a problem in the future if somebody puts it in the wild, and the original is out there too. That can be an identity trouble, ...like an encounter with himself?, ...perhaps in a parallel dimension? I think that is not possible to be in two places ...at same time. However I would like to buy too the duplicate. We all want the duplicate!
  13. I ordered one. Anyone know where I can see the 4 icons? There is also an icon for the entire piece?
  14. Mmmmm... well, for me it's ok this finish too, I like it, so if no problem for you, can I have it instead the "correct geocoin"?
  15. Ok, I'll wait that open your shop. I normally use a vectorial software called InsightPoint (free), but I like to try other, now I'm learning with the Photoshop. Thanks for the info, i'll try with inkscape too, ...I must to choose one of them, two is not practical to use!
  16. Yes, the details are very important, the human eye can see a tenth of a millimeter, ... if in good condition, of course! I do not understand how I did not see the thread of the first series before, I hope to get one in your web shop, what is the address? Which software you use to draw geocoins?
  17. Now I see! Nice design, full of symbolism. The color scheme too, I guess there will be various versions. Perhaps the letters are too small?, ...no, look good! BTW, where is, how is the 1st coin?
  18. The link not work!, ...at least now.
  19. Well, the reservation is finished. Thanks to all who participated. I hope to publish photos of the new samples in late December or early January Merry Christmas!
  20. In this geocoin, my first design, has been a bit difficult to have to decide only between 24 colors (transparent), because the color no looked good on the screen. I did not know how they could be in reality. Color schemes have not been exactly as I wanted. I did not like some reflections that have produced the transparent color in men eagle, and between the letters of the phrase that is beneath the winged disk. Finally, after taking the samples in my hands, turn and watch them from different angles, I decided to make normal colors (not transparent but same tones) only in the central area of the front, versions AS, AC and AG. In MG and SG versions, the samples have been perfect. Now, I'm sure that all five will be perfect, I'll check when in my hands I hope to have new samples in early January, I will put the photos. I'll have all the minting versions in early February Then I will send emails to those who made reservations. By the moment, I only can put the draft of the definitive AS version (men eagle and the words are not golden!, they will be AS also). Those who have reserved one of each version available I suppose you also interested in the AS version, so only two coins are available right now in this version. So I extend the reservation three days, until next Monday at 21:00 GMT. Also there are some of the SG version.
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