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  1. I like very much chocolate, I like geocoins, ...I like this idea. I'd like have one of these boxes at least.
  2. Last week I bought 2 Going APE, and 2 APE cachekinz, by PayPal trough the treasurer of WSGA. I don't have yet any notice. Do you can tell me something about it, please. Thanks Hi there. Thanks for your order of APE coins/cachekinz! You placed your order on Thur. Feb. 3, and posted this same inquiry in the WSGA forums on Fri. Feb. 4, and our treasurer answered you within a few hours. Today is Sunday Feb. 6. Are you checking for replies to your messages? Our treasurer's reply was: "Yes, everything is correct. Your order is ready to do, but because it requires special handling (international order), I need to go to the Post Office in person. I should be able to do this tomorrow, Monday at the latest. Your order will be marked as shipped in PayPal after it is mailed it, you should receive a notification from PayPal when that is done." Yes, I've now checked replies, and later I've seen this post. Thanks so much!
  3. Last week I bought 2 Going APE, and 2 APE cachekinz, by PayPal trough the treasurer of WSGA. I don't have yet any notice. Do you can tell me something about it, please. Thanks Edit to add: I have news. Solved!
  4. Good catch RSG! I didn't notice that. I bet it's snippets of front & back. CF30 ...I think so, front & back
  5. I'll send you the mint data. Great job your Geocoin and Trackable Catalog
  6. They are really beautiful!, ...I hope to get them Edited to add: Great Job, As Usually!
  7. There was a small mistake with the names and icons Already fixed. Two names: - GC&P Club January 2011 - The Winged Disc Geocoin - The Winged Disc Geocoin (my versions) Each name with his own icon, similars but different colors. In the case of the twelve coins activated before February 1, the name will continue appearing as "First Civilizations", unless the owner would like change the name manualy by editing the data, I think. By the way, mid February I'll begin to send paypal request to those who made reservations, I hope so... Also..., I have two coins of each version yet (except XLE), so can contact me manu_luq@hotmail.com, to add you to reservation list.
  8. Fragment shown is beautiful ... I also want to see the whole coin!
  9. Nice design, sure it come out beautiful!, ...I'd like have one.
  10. I've just known the mystery coins, I'd like to be invited! Thanks!
  11. No problem, if you have any other question about it, I'm here...
  12. Thanks for your kind words, Nikon-ing and Azure Sky, I'm glad you like. I'm now thinking about my next coin, ...I have some projects...
  13. Congrats!, Mamoreb. I like the color scheme, I'd like have one of these too. Nice cointest, Greg, Thanks!
  14. Really Beautiful!, ...I need at least one!!
  15. Are the club coins and the other editions going to be 'different' coins as far as Geocaching.com is concerned? Different names/Icons? Same name/icon, as I said in post #28
  16. Next week I'll have the coins These two are the ones with pin (the AE & RE)
  17. ...Which sets?, is for sale this version now?, where? What AtlantaGal means is the whole set. Each host was given the opportunity to purchase one of each coin (the AE, Geoswag Club and international versions weren't included, just the 12 US event versions and Geoswag). And no, it is not on sale now. Probably late february or early march in the Geoswag store. How to be host!?
  18. I've the following information about it: AE: Artists Edition: type of SE; a version of a retail commercial geocoin only made available to the designer of the coin. LE: Limited Edition: Typically a different version (color, metal, etc.) than the main run of coins. Produced in a limited quantity one time only. RE: Regular edition not produced in a limited in number thus may be reprised according to demand as dies are held by the mint for minimum of three years. SE: Special Edition: Typically a different version to the main run of coins but unlike LE, XLE or XXLE no limit on the number minted, and they may be reminted at any time. XLE: Extra Limited Edition: Same as LE only fewer. XXLE: Extremely Limited Edition: Same as XLE only fewer. HTF: Hard to Find; refers to ease of acquiring through purchase or trade not total mint numbers VHTF: Very Hard to Find; refers to ease of acquiring through purchase or trade not total mint numbers Proof Coin: 1. The sample coins provided by the mint 2. Effect attained on high quality die stuck coins by high pressure and multiple strikes producing mirror finish background with satin finish relief areas. Sample Coin: The sample coins provided by the mint. Some sample geocoins do not have tracking numbers.
  19. ...Which sets?, is for sale this version now?, where?
  20. Put me in the official reservation list, please.
  21. Just tried it - it's not perfect but is this what you meant? I've also been making a temporary reservations sheet (marking down people who have said they are interested in one or a full set), and so far around 50 of the 100 coins have been marked as reserved. I'll set up an official reservations sheet once the final versions are worked out, but people who have mentioned they are interested on here will take priority. I liked it better before..., but anyway I like to have one, as you know
  22. Well, as an alternative to my first proposal for colors/plating, I present this one. Change the color Trans #1 (too dark) at #4, to see better words in background. I also changed the plating to gold, or perhaps antique gold. I think this color scheme supports both. By the way, I've been asking for software. I use a couple of interesting free programs: InsightPoint and Inkscape, second Greg recommended it to me, and works very well. There is also Photoshop, of course! I like the other proposals submitted so far
  23. I think so, ...so i'll have at least these two!
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