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  1. Thanks to all of you The cost of each coin is $10.50, plus shipping cost as mentioned. Please -and sorry for this extra work for some of you- send me an email to manu_luq@hotmail dot com with your nick, the coins you want, and your paypal address. I'll begin to send paypals the next week. The shiny copper w/ blue, and the shiny nickel w/ red, are LE editions, and the shiny gold w/ green is the AE -only to trade, so we can trade- Edited to add Shipping cost, by normal international post (depending on the weight)
  2. Great idea, great coin, I like it very much, by design ...and Tiahuanaco history, of course!
  3. Coins have arrived! While not perfect, I'm happy with the result. As usually happens with coins, photos don't them justice. Finally, the minting was: Shiny Copper w/ Dark Blue - 30 Shiny Nickel w/ Dark Red - 30 Shiny Gold w/ Dark Green - 20 These versions metal/color never will be re-minted. Probably I'll make some other versions in the near future, I'd like black nickel w/ ?? ...I'll see later Now I have to check one by one, and then calculate the final price for all of you in forum, but I can tell you now that the cost will be the same for you as for me, around $10 (plus shipping cost). I forgot, they are 1.75" diameter & 3.5mm thicker. Trackable with icon
  4. I'll jump in here ... that is not an L it is a 1 ... Now read it aloud ... That is how you too can become a mason. (To be one, ask one) Oh yeah, ...I understand now. Thanks!
  5. Order placed ...for greens & blue!
  6. Coin received, ...really is beautiful in hands! BTW, what mean 2BLASK1, in the front of coin?
  7. Congratulations!, is an authentic and personal beautiful geocoin, I really like the design
  8. I like all of them, ...specially the greens & blue.
  9. My bad! That seems strange, sending you a coin. Thanks Sometimes it happens to me strange things with coins, perhaps Darth Vader know something in this case...
  10. I received the mail, I open the envelope and seen the 8 tags ...but not the coin! The envelope was unopened, all in good condition.
  11. Really I'd like to have all of them in my hands, but I've to choose 2 or 3, ...difficult choice
  12. In other words, I can not see the list of coins, even those that I added with the data entry form. Anyone know what to do, please? hmmm...on the bottom of the spreadsheet should be three tabs: Information : So how does it work? : COINS OFFERED click on the COINS OFFERED tab to see the coins. The ones with a date/time stamp are ones that have been input using the form while the ones that are blank in that column are manually entered. Hope this helps Yea!, I can see now the three tabs, ...Thanks!
  13. I'd like to do some changes in my coins added, ...and see the list of coins, but I can't see nothing
  14. In other words, I can not see the list of coins, even those that I added with the data entry form. Anyone know what to do, please?
  15. It's not possible to see the list of coins before 11 june?
  16. So is manu luq's - right through the Drive Thru! (Sooorrryyyyyyy - couldn't resist) No problemo At least one of my cows is moving now! :D
  17. Everything...!, what you mean with everything?
  18. Actually - I think they're now burgers... :laughing: Burgers..., my cows are burgers! ...well, that's good :lol:
  19. My cows are not moving ...they are sick?
  20. Beautiful, email sent! Edit: ...if not too much expensive
  21. Certainly I would love to go to this event Edit: I've sent an email asking for one of the coins to info@..., I'd like have he Silver & black nickel finish, ...and if it's possible one serie of 10 CWG.
  22. Great!, I like specially Daybreak and the frontside from Gray version.
  23. Today I started putting coins, it seems that all is well.
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