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  1. Coins received, ...awesome coins in hands
  2. I've just now received the coins, ...they are beautiful, I really like this design
  3. I've just received the coins, and they are beautiful in hands!, ...the back also looks very fine
  4. There isn't a limit. You could add every coin in the trade (except for yours) to the trade list for every one of your coins. And yes, you can the exact same list for all of your coins. That's perfect...!
  5. I'll wait to phase 3 for this, but... In my wishlist, can I repeat exactly the same list to trade for some of my coins -or perhaps in all of my coins-? How many coins can I add to trade for each one of mine?, how many is the limit?
  6. Seems that the same is happening in different parts of the world ... I agree, if there is a remote possibility that something goes wrong, it will happen ... then what can be done to avoid this snobbery? If we all do the same, there will be no room to move. Possibly put a cap is the best solution, for everyone, ...IMO.
  7. No regrouping for me, coins verified. Thanks!
  8. WOOOW! ...they turned out really awesome, specially the antique copper
  9. Will be available at your shop? ...Time pass slowly.
  10. Just now I've found this thread ...very nice the meaning of this coin, sure he was an excellent person, he has good friends, ...I'll try to get at least one.
  11. Well, really..., if 2 coins, better 2 envelopes, so $4.00 + $4.00, instead $14.00 and 3 coins = 3 envelopes = 3 * $4.00 = $12.00 Yeah!, totally agree, ...and also is true that is a bit better 4 coins in 4 envelopes (4*$4.00), instead to put 3 coins in 1 envelope and 1 coin in a separate envelope ($14.00 + $4.00) Edited: ...I could not resist the joke, I know that is not entirely true
  12. Well, really..., if 2 coins, better 2 envelopes, so $4.00 + $4.00, instead $14.00
  13. I still remember the first time I read this sentence: "If you shed tears when you miss the sun, you also miss the stars" Rabindranath Tagore
  14. Beautiful coin!, email sent
  15. 32mm diameter & 3mm thick ...I think
  16. One of my cows are in a good position ... the other one seems definitely eaten, ...or perhaps, if she is a dairy cow, was saved...!!
  17. I tried to buy two coins right now, but Spain is not in the list of countries...!? I would get two coins of Snoopy, please! Edited... No country in the European Union
  18. I believe that there are a hangover of geocoins, ... for different reasons and goals, it is part of the evolution in the world of geocoins... but it is also true that, as in nature, is most likely to survive the strongest, ie those made of metal, and some others ...I think. But anyway, It doesn't matter, if don't like it, don't buy it Precisely the world of geocoins has inspired me a design that I posted in the forum ... is like a drunken world ... drunken of geocoins!
  19. Yeah!, is a still ...of coins
  20. Some words about shipping costs from E.U. (Spain) to U.S.: The cheapest shipping is by "International Postal Letter", normally takes 2 weeks to arrive. Prices for shipping to U.S. are (for the E.U. a bit less), depending on weight: International Postal Letter, up to 100g are aprox $4.00, that's only 1 coin (42gr), because 2 coins (plus plastic and bubble envelope) exceed 100gr. However, from 101 to 500g are aprox $14.00, and there fit 2 to 10 coins (included plastic and bubble envelope). Then: If you order 1 coin, no problem, the shipping cost is $4.00 But from 2 to 10 coins, the price is the same, $14.00 Therefore, if some of you are close, you may want to make the order together, because the shipping cost may be cheaper, depending on the coins that you want
  21. Thanks to all of you The cost of each coin is $10.50, plus shipping cost as mentioned. Please -and sorry for this extra work for some of you- send me an email to manu_luq@hotmail dot com with your nick, the coins you want, and your paypal address. I'll begin to send paypals the next week. The shiny copper w/ blue, and the shiny nickel w/ red, are LE editions, and the shiny gold w/ green is the AE -only to trade, so we can trade- Edited to add Shipping cost, by normal international post (depending on the weight)
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