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  1. Snoopy has arrived!, Thanks keewee
  2. Beautiful, meaningful coin! Congrats!
  3. I'm glad you got the set of three coins (this week I'll receive from mint the fourth finished: Antique Copper, bare metal. Only To Trade) I'll post pics in the adequate thread.
  4. I don't know the history of South Carolina -I'll read about- ...but I like the coin.
  5. I like antique copper and antique silver
  6. I've received the coins from sheltiedogshowlover and Nikon-ing Thanks!
  7. Order placed, I look forward to enjoying these precious coins asap in my hands
  8. Looking forward to have access for restricted area
  9. I have the coins in hands, are more beautiful than in pics
  10. These coins are really wonderful! I can not have everything I want, but all I need. I want them all ...but I just need two or three
  11. I've received just now the Royal Mercy w/Purple, ...and for a moment I did not understand anything, because it seemed to me AG, instead AC Fortunately I reread this thread and the confusion has been resolved
  12. My three coins traded have been shipped! ...1 for Wheres'sMyMarbles, and 2 for Eseurat
  13. Doing trackable a sample is an option that you have when they are ordered. After that, you have some options about the icon and/or coin name, depending on the vendor, if any.
  14. I think I used too many variables, as stated, and then I've only traded 30%, ...but anyway I'm happy with this experience Thank you for this great mathtrade Ashallond!
  15. Magic spreads, Congratulations!
  16. I'd like have one of these 'naked'
  17. I'll make another in antique copper, all in bare metal, soon I think...
  18. If any want trade for The Alembic http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=272590 email me through my profile.
  19. Really fabulous!, ...with enamel has to be impressive
  20. Will try to send yours out tomorrow. Thanks, I'll be looking forward these coins!
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