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  1. I'd like have one of these
  2. ... Wonderful scheme of blues!, ...my prefered color
  3. I'd like have also one of these Artist Edition (antique silver) blue, turquoise and red ...if it's possible
  4. I like this as much or more than the other.
  5. I'll need at least one!. I like to add all the explanations of the designs in the catalog of my collection, after all it is very important to know the origin of things, our origins.
  6. Yeah kinda. Something with Serifs and a bit cursive with some flair.
  7. Just got the glass version, I like the texture and light reflections. Curiously, when viewed in profile, has some curvature, I think this is due to the manufacturing process, this gives some depth and makes it more beautiful.
  8. They look great all three, ...but in this case I prefer bronze.
  9. Awesome!, I hope to get at least one!
  10. I've not received yet the coin from pingos
  11. Is possible print the topo map over the back? ...on the back as it is now.
  12. Thanks drneal for the trade! ...what is the needle?
  13. I find that for events, it's often more important that it's close to alcohol than being close to nature. Yeah!, a good cool beer is ever well received, ...very often in summer, and only often in winter
  14. Thanks for the invitation, I will try to do my first event in a suitable location, close to nature. I want it all very simple, spend a day between geocachers and geocoiners, sharing caches and coins.
  15. I'd like see closely the copper and the 2-tone.
  16. Just an update Sent to: Where'sMyMarbles -arrived eseurat -arrived Waiting for: Nikon-ing -received sheltiedogshowlover -received pingos -
  17. Congratulations! I can't wait to see the pics I would like Trade by airmail post ...if possible.
  18. I have no words ...nor money for buy them all!
  19. With this coin, I want it to be inexpensive. I still need to crunch the numbers, but I expect that the regular versions and the glass version will all be under $10.00 each and that is being conservative. I think that you will like the final price. Nobel metals, hmmmmm. I have been thinking for a while of making a solid silver geocoin, but I don't think that the mints offer silver as an option. It would not appeal to the average cacher, but when you see what geocoins go for on e-bay, I think that there is a market for solid silver coins. Nice design with high quality and good price ... sure I like it!
  20. Make geocoins of high quality materials is very attractive -in fact I like your coins by this, and by the artistic expression-, very interesting the techniques of which you speak, very fine, ...however, in this way, it will be more expensive for the designer, and also for the final buyer, or not? Make geocoins of noble metals and precious stones, fine jewelry with track number ...is an idea worthy of careful consideration. But is not accessible to most people, I think.
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