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  1. Very cool!, exceptional performance and tuning!! I like very much
  2. I'm collecting the pirate theme, if somebody have any of these coins (to sell or trade), please send me an email via my profile or PM (Trading list in signature): Pirate Theme Coins: - Atocha -Shipwreck series - Bushwhack Pirate Sword - Cursed Pirate's Booty - Eye Of The Pirate - Pieces of Eight - Pirate 4 Hire - Pirate Booty -Treasure Map - Pirate Days of the Colony - Piratemania 2010 - Pirates of the Geocache - Pirates of Harriman III - Rainbow of Bones -Jasmine Griffith - Skull Compass - The Cacher - Trez's Pirate Trezure -GGA 2007
  3. Ok!, I also believe that everything will be fine without insurance nor tracking number ... I hope so!
  4. Beautiful & Meaningful coin!, I need get one of these ...at least
  5. Costa Brava event was published GC30MZN
  6. Beautiful coin!, this phrase reminds me of Lao Tzu ...Where to find this coin?
  7. As I mentioned in the email. AE has red scheherazade has orange They look quite different in person. OK...if you say so... Maybe it looks different on a different monitor. Is the antique gold version going to be sold on geoswag? ______________________________ Used to be known as Nikon-ing. Now imoutnabout Everything depends on the eye of the beholder By the way, have you heard the album 'Scheherazade and other stories', from group 'Renaissance'?, ...a masterpiece! (sorry for the off topic) NB: Nice new nick
  8. WOW!!! much work to find this cache, however very interesting for doing!! Congrats
  9. I'm living in Spain, if it can help you to re-release any TB or GC here.
  10. Sell the 9 last in shiny copper at $7.00 each, and some of the previous finishes (blue, red) at $8.00 each, plus shipping. I still have a very few in green, only to trade!
  11. Congrats to AlliedOz and Pingos! Good cointest
  12. Well, I have not a set, but I've got one Golden Knowledge and one Fires of Creation!. They are really beautiful in hands.
  13. More coins from the past days, gifts, trades, purchases and orders
  14. Some coins from the past days, gifts, trades, purchases and orders
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