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  1. Beautiful orchid, beautiful full moon, precious woman, ...another great design in this series that I'll want have
  2. Yes ... the correct answer was very fast ... I think I'll have to put another cointest Is the domed ceiling of the Ambassadors' Hall or Throne Room, in the Alcazar of Seville Congratulations Tim!!, I will send you the version you choose when minted, email me your address please, but I think I have it... Edited: Photo by Mary Ann Sullivan ©2005. I have photographed (on site), scanned, and manipulated all the images on these pages. Please feel free to use them for personal or educational purposes.
  3. ...in the south of the country
  4. I've received just now your personal coin, is really beautiful in hands, with the profiles over the background cut off and the rainbow. Many thanks for trade!
  5. Hi there, this is my first COINTEST!!! The winner may choose one Sometimes geocoin in Gold, Silver, Copper or Black Nickel. The question to resolve is: In a city of the southern Spain there is the building whose one of his tracery inspired the reverse of the coin: What building is, and what city is it? For example: Mezquita, Cordoba - Only 1 guess every 4 hours. - Edited posts are disqualified. Cointest ends next Thursday 15 at midnight, or when the first correct answer, whichever comes first. I hope you like!
  6. If it's a geocoin, that is trackable, then you can talk whatever you want about your coin, before or after the artwork, it doesn't matter. You can wait until the coin is ready for sale, or discusse your project from its beginning, as you want
  7. Another one of your precious and meaningful coins!
  8. Just to clarify some information about the design of the coin
  9. In the first artwork was 2", but later left at 1.75" (finally I haven't put some small symbols.). Thanks for the question.
  10. I hope get one of these meaningful and Marvelous coin
  11. In my opinion, should not be an obstacle but rather the opposite, because your idea is a representative coin of the country, yet it is always preferable understand the meaning of the phrase, ...and symbols. Anyway, you buy a coin if like it, although not understand what mean.
  12. These are the four editions in 2-Tone: Fire 2T - Gold/Antique Silver Earth 2T - Gold/Antique Silver Air 2T - Antique Silver/Gold Water 2T - Antique Silver/Gold
  13. I put pictures of the different versions that are available. In total there are eight versions, four are of a metal and predominant color for each of the four elements: fire/red in gold, earth/brown in silver, air/green in copper, water/blue in black nickel). Fire - Gold with Red Earth - Silver with Brown Air - Copper with Green Water - Black Nickel with Blue The other four versions are 2-Tone: Gold/Antique Silver. Here the background has been interchanged between the pairs of elements Water/Air and Fire/Earth. As usual, are much nicer on the hands than in the photos. I hope you like. PS: I'll put later pics for the 2-Tones editions.
  14. Well, I've done several tests with one of these coins, and I think that can travel thousand miles However, in the shiny metal can see easily the imperfections, scratches, bumps...
  15. Wow, that must be heavy! The journey begins ... Guess who arrive in Spain by October.
  16. Yes, inexplicably fast ...probably was a mistake ...a positive error! All is well, glad you like it Craig!
  17. One to trade for me please, ...if I have any that you like
  18. Sometimes Geocoin Reservations This coin is minted in Black Nickel, Gold, Silver, Copper and Two-Tone (Gold/Antique Silver). I like specially how turned out the Two-Tones
  19. Now I can see the pictures, ...great coin!
  20. Very cool!, exceptional performance and tuning!! I like very much
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