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  1. I was hoping for Holland to win the game, because Spain beat the Germans and the Netherlands played the more attractive football over the whole tournament (not in the final), but since that didnt happen i am now very happy to have won this contest Thanks for the contest will send you my adress in a minute EdDakota
  2. That's too bad... the coin has arrived in Germany! If you let me know your address, I will send you a little surprise instead. Message sent
  3. i am form germany. would like to have #31
  4. please take me of the list for the mission. i have some busy weeks ahead and wont be at home on many days. i dont want to have to take care about anything thats not really necessary.
  5. Awesome. That new dragon coin looks beautiful. congrats to the other winners and thanks for the cointest. i liked to help that ranch sounds like a very good place for animals
  6. 2nd vote with my phone. this time the animal was an elephant.
  7. I just saw that DarkElf is german, too. so there will be three stops in germany. Doesnt matter if i am second or third, i am sure i will find a fitting occasion for dipping the coin :-)
  8. i will find my 250th cache by the end of this month. that should be enough time to get the coin from america. since i am in germany too, i could send it to steinwälzer after that. maybe in time for his number 2050 or even 2100
  9. nice idea i am thinking about using this service to get some of my coins to travel in other parts of the world. and of course i would be happy to release coins for someone else in baden-württemberg, germany. you can add me to the list.
  10. 1,3,9,13,52 favorite game? settlers of catan. really played that alot in the last years.
  11. i would like to adopt one, too. Thanks Ed
  12. I received my coins today. That were the first geocoins i purchased and i really like them. Got my activation codes for all except one, but that one wasnt activated at geocaching.com too, so i send a mail to info@geocoinclub.com to request a new activation code and i dont think that will be a problem :-) Gonna start sending them away within the next days. Greetings from Germany EdDakota
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