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  1. If you are wondering (as I did), where "the Profile menu" can be found: click on the down arrow to the right of your Geocaching userid.
  2. Thanks, this patch makes Search work again for me (except for GC-Code searches, of course). I believe the docs say, Enhanced Search will search for locations within the current country (only). I'm seeing GeoNames search results for US while viewing an Austria map, though.
  3. Sorry I didn't notice until now. I'm using Firefox 24.5.0 ESR; can't upgrade, as I must stay on ESR channel Greasemonkey 1.15; seems to be latest version GME 0.7.0; seems to be latest version I've set up a new FF Profile with Greasemonkey as the only enabled extension, and GME its only user script, but am getting the same Search behaviour as mentioned. Any debugging I could do? Do you know of any other Greasemonkey user script that uses "GM_xmlhttpRequest" so maybe I could test, whether it works in a different context?
  4. So I seem to be the only one for whom Search isn't working even with 0.7.0 If Configure, Other, Enhance Search is on, clicking on the Search icon or pressing Enter with any Search string specified does nothing, except the following message in the Console: [19:57:25.096] Greasemonkey access violation: unsafeWindow cannot call GM_xmlhttpRequest. [19:57:25.095] "GME: New JSONP" Any ideas what might be wrong?
  5. No matter what text I enter in the Search field, absolutely nothing happens for me. Here's what I see in the FF Console: [17:50:25.287] Greasemonkey access violation: unsafeWindow cannot call GM_xmlhttpRequest. [17:50:25.286] "GME: New JSONP"
  6. It works for me! I can confirm that Search doesn't work if GME is enabled. Typing anything into the search box and clicking on the magnifier icon does nothing at all. After disabling GME (and refreshing the page) Search works as normal. I'm running GME v0.7.0.
  7. I'm noticing that the new "View larger map" link doesn't work any more for listings with a large number of waypoints (due to the large length of the URL &pop= parameter, I guess). One example is http://coord.info/GC4H265 (23 waypoints).
  8. I'm running GClh together with GCComment and GME without problems, but I remember that I had to reorder the sequence of the GM Scripts (Manage user scripts, right-click, Run sooner/later) to: GClh GCComment GME
  9. Not sure if you might want to also document the {x100} URL template parameter substitution.
  10. Thanks a lot, I was able to export my additional map JSON strings from an http page by appending "#GME_config" to the URL to access the GME configuration dialogue, and could then successfully import them back for use on https pages. (I couldn't figure out, what's the "Profile menu at the top of the screen", though.)
  11. My GME seems to have lost it's configuration. Any chance that I can recover my JSON strings that I had hand-crafted to access additional maps? | Edit: GME *does* still show my additional maps on the "small" map within a listing, but it doesn't on the large map.
  12. As embarrassing as it may be, there's really a geocache named "see tourists" (that I hadn't heard of before) hiding beneath the icons. Its bubble pops up faster than any of the four GME bubbles, and I would have never thought of a coincidence like that.
  13. With the new 0.6.9 when I mouse-over the four icons in the lower-left corner on the map, a strange bubble "see tourist" shows, before the "real" bubbles (location, route, home, configure) show up.
  14. For caches with additional waypoints, GME will show those waypoints for this listing also on the large gc.com map, if you click the "View larger map" link. This works as expected. But if you drag-and-drop a listing icon (in the upper left corner) to an already opened large gc.com map (e. g. because you want to show additional waypoints for more than one listing), the waypoints show up fine, but a second header coordinate icon will appear stacked with a slight vertical displacement. I believe the displacement comes from a difference in the interpretation of the exact icon position. While gc.com seems to interpret the icon's center as its position, GME seems to interpret the icon's bottom middle as its position on the map.
  15. To edit a Greasemonkey .js just click on the down-arrow besides the Greasemonkey-face, then click "Manage User Scripts", then right-click the script to be edited, and select "Edit"
  16. Instead of only adding "&pop=true" would adding all necessary information to the link, help for any later click?
  17. Very often if I click on the "View larger map" link in a listing, with GME enabled, the correct location is being displayed for a fraction of a second and then the map moves to some other unrelated location (one that I've had been viewing some time before). Here's an example what happens for me: The link "View larger map" points to http://www.geocaching.com/map/default.aspx?lat=48.198883&lng=16.5355&pop=true After a fraction of a second this link automatically redirects to http://www.geocaching.com/map/default.aspx?lat=48.198883&lng=16.5355&pop=true#?ll=47.99061,16.01678&z=14 Am I doing something wrong?
  18. I used to successfully run the "My Finds" Pocket Query, but am having trouble in the last weeks. It once returned data although I didn't queue it. OK, I just ignored it. But since a few weeks, it returns old data, i. e. it only covers my finds up to Oct 30 (I checked by directly inspecting the GPX file) although I last ran it on 24 Nov. Any idea what could be wrong here? Thanks - Erich
  19. You're right. I checked the cache's log on my GPS (from 3 Oct) and the one I was informed about today hasn't been there back then. Thanks for the explanation - I hadn't thought of delayed logging.
  20. I've just recently started watching a few caches and am experiencing very long delays for notification e-mails to arrive. One example: I've started watching a cache on 4 Oct, and am receiving the first (and up to now only) notification mail on 8 Oct that someone logged a visit on 29 Sep. Actually after this user logged the cache on 29 Sep, two others have already logged it - on 1 Oct and 4 Oct (me). I was expecting mails to arrive immediately after someone logs a cache, but of course only after I've started watching. What's wrong here? Thanks!
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