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  1. I'm looking for someone to complete the 3rd leg of GC2RM0P which starts in Ohio, continues through North Carolina, then to Washington state, Texas, South Dakota and finishes up in Ohio. Myself along with 2 other teams are looking for the N.C. and Washington legs of the cache and would greatly appreciate someone who could help us!
  2. I'm looking for someone to complete the 2nd leg of GC2RM0P which starts in Ohio, continues through North Carolina, then to Washington state, Texas, South Dakota and finishes up in Ohio. Myself along with 2 other teams are looking for the N.C. and Washington legs of the cache and would greatly appreciate someone who could help us!
  3. I feel that power trails are just as much fun and actually am planning to put one out in my local area. I live in an area where the caches are few and far between and I'm situated between 2 cities within an hour either way and I'm thinking there is a greater chance of drawing people in for a cluster than just one or two at a time each week. I mean driving 45 miles to go after a FTF is one thing but with the prices of gasoline I want to plan it rationally when looking at setting out 20 plus caches. On the other side of the coin, some people don't like the quick P+G and want to get out for a longer hike or a more difficult so maybe there has to be a balance when putting out caches. Either way it's all about what the CO wants to hide as well as maintain vs. what each cacher wants to go looking for. On a day that the weather is picture perfect and 60-70 degrees most people won't mind going for a hike into the backwoods, however if it's -20 outside and you want to be out of the vehicle no longer than necessary maybe it's the perfect day for a power trail.
  4. I would have to say that as I spend more time acquainting myself with caching, I would drive to a distant cache possibly hundreds of miles away but it needs to have something going for it. I've seen some with over 50 favorite points, or read about some incredible puzzle cache that only a select few have been able to figure out, or maybe if it's just located in a place that I know without a doubt that whether i log it a find or a DNF, the scenery and experience is gonna be awesome!
  5. I just found my second cache of this type last week and it was a keyholder on a tank painted to match it. I'm still pondering hiding one of these cache's but after finding basically a "needle in a haystack" with a nano on a caboose and a manageable keyholder I'm pondering the latter of the two to make it more enjoyable!
  6. The first question would probably be...What model of GPS unit do you use? Each model, as well as brand is gonna be different so gonna have to be more specific.
  7. What about if you notice that there are new trackables in a cache and were to just go and write down the codes and log them on the trackbug side as "discovered"? Does that automatically create a new entry into the cache or "log" it? I myself would rather keep my number of caches logged the same as the number of unique caches logged, however where I live there isn't alot of caches nearby if I were to want to get my trackables numbers up.
  8. I'd like to pose the question of "Have you logged a cache multiple times or have you went back to a local Bug Hotel/cache to log new trackables as they are dropped in your area to increase your totals for bugs and/or coins?"
  9. I have a Garmin 60CSX and hate the Basemap that came with it so I downloaded a state topographical map that shows all the backroads to my computer. The file size was something in the neighborhood of 122MB and I have a 1GB card in my unit. My question is can I just put the card in the computer and save the whole file to it or do I need to put it into some other file type to get the GPS to open it? Right now I am using Basecamp to view it on the PC. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  10. I've done some research and the museum this tank, jet, and a helicopter sit on has "no trespassing" signs on all of them so those are out. I do have access to a caboose though I believe and maybe this is a route I may try to pursue. I agree that while they are evil and make alot of people want to bang their heads, there still is some sort of a sense of accomplishment. On something that large there has to be some kind of clue though or it really is being mean. While it would be so easy to be mean, I look at the one I found a few weeks ago and at least the CO was nice enough to leave me a clue or I'd still be there. So I definitely am gonna try to help people find it but at the same time I don't want to make it a 2 minute search and you're done either. When I drive 30 minutes, an hour, or longer to something that's rated maybe a 4 difficulty, I myself would feel letdown if it were over that quickly.
  11. I've been thinking about creating a "tank cache" in a neighboring town, assuming of course I can get permission to place one. My question is do you like them, hate them, avoid them or love the challenge? My first experience with one of these caches was on a caboose and while it frustrated me to no end the 75 minutes it took before I found it, the feeling of satisfaction like I had actually accomplished something was amazing once I did find it!
  12. I want to pose the question to all of you cachers out there...What was the most memorable experience you ever had with a FTF? Did you have bad coordinates? Was what you found beyond your imagination?....Maybe not all it was cracked up to be? I myself have not had the pleasure of finding one yet but it isn't for lack of trying. Just last week two new caches were listed about half an hour away from me at about 9:30 at night in totally unfamiliar territory so I decided to wait and go look the next morning. My wife and I arrived at the first of the 2 and the coordinates were all over the place and after half an hour I decided to attempt the second one which was 3 miles away down a dead-end dirt road. This road went past one random house and on the way out to GZ I thought nothing of it as I drove past it. I once again looked for half an hour and having no luck decided to head home. As we reached the highway we were met with old pickup turning onto the lane and asking what we were up to. We shrugged it off and said "just driving around" so we wouldn't alert any Muggles. This answer didn't seem to satisfy so I held up my gps and said "we're just geocaching." It was at that moment he raised his hands and we couldn't help but notice the word "SHERIFF" printed across both. He told us "Well at least it keeps you off the street!" My wife and I just nodded and drove off as quickly as we could. Later that night I read the FTF log for the cache past the house and in the notes the person who managed to find it said "the neighbor drove out to make sure they weren't littering." I invite all of you to tell about your past experiences!
  13. I just looked at openstreetmap and it looks like some excellent detail! I guess now I have a question on is it possible to get the data to the 60csx? I really want to find a program that I can put a big area on the handheld but this site you just sent me looks very impressive if it's possible to somehow get the information on the unit.
  14. I've been looking for a program to replace the Basemap that came packed on my Garmin 60csx that will have the backroads on the maps. Has anyone used this program on their unit and does it have all the smaller roads? Are there any suggestions for other programs I could use instead that you fellow cachers have used?
  15. Thank you so very much! I've changed the mission and I'm hoping we can bring it home to see it before releasing it with a new mission!
  16. I picked up a Garmin 60csx off craigslist for $150 and even though it's over your limit, it's really one to consider for all you get for features. My old unit a Garmin Legend was a good unit but it didn't have the the USB feature and no electronic compass. If you need those features and are really stuck on your price perhaps a Garmin Vista would be in your range. Goodluck in your hunting for a GPS and hope this helped.
  17. I would very gratefully adopt a geocoin mlrs1996 if you still are offering! My family just started caching and so far have recovered one track bug to move but haven't found any geocoins yet. Thank you for offering!
  18. Perhaps if you hid the Altoids container and inside hid a laminated card with directions saying *can of wd40 hidden inside tree 12 feet away at 270 degrees* you'd be onto something. Maybe you can rustproof it but unless you can coat that mini-piano hinge with the rubber stuff they are selling on TV to fix your gutters, it's gonna at least seep and/or rust out.
  19. Thought it might be interesting to hear about each other's misadventures while on the trail. Have you ever had your batteries go dead, only to realize you forgot to pack the spare set and were now 5 miles from civilization? Maybe dropped your $500 GPS and found out the hard way that it's not waterproof? Perhaps forgot where you parked your car, ran out of gas, went into labor in the woods? Whatever it was we'd love to hear it!
  20. Does GSAK cost? I've thought about that program but when I googled it it came up as one that cost so I steered away for now. When I create the pq does it need to be in loc or a gpx file to transfer it? Sorry for the questions but I really am not sure how it works but I guess I could just download it and give it a try. GSAK is technically offered for free...you get a free trial period (60 days IIRC) and after that it still works but you get a nag screen (which gets increasingly longer) requesting that you register. EasyGPS is another program that is not nearly as versatile as GSAK but is free and will easily transfer your PQ's to the GPS.
  21. Does GSAK cost? I've thought about that program but when I googled it it came up as one that cost so I steered away for now.
  22. If I set up a pocket query can I just hook up the cable and transfer it to the unit or do I need to put it into some program before it'll save?
  23. Happy New Year everyone! I'm fairly new to all of this and recently purchased a newer Garmin 60CSX and was wondering from some of you veterans out there who have had the pleasure of owning one, what can I do with this thing? I ask because I have to say that I'm pretty impressed with this piece of technology and just want to make sure I optimize it to the fullest! Can I paperless cache, what program do I need to run a pocket query? Is there some software I can install so I can see all of the backroads instead of just the big highways like interstates? I'd greatly appreciate any tips or secrets from anyone who owns or has owned one of these!
  24. Can I ask what this "Delorme" task that i see people mention and is there a place I can go to look for things like that?
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