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  1. Yes I am having the same problem. I have to hold the unit upside down and tweak the cable up. Also I notice that it seems to help if i do not tighten the thumb screw to tight.
  2. All of the above or You could become Premium Members it only takes a second. Sorry for the shameless plug.
  3. We have a park nearby and if I have to go there one more time I will change my home coordinates to the park. I see no problem so go for it.
  4. I went to find an Event Cache once and as I showed up to the site there were tons of muggles hanging all over the place talking and laughing and would not leave for nothing. Well needless to say I could not search for the cache without being noticed so I left with a dnf but on the way home I began to wonder?
  5. This happened to me while I was hunting for a cache and it was freaky. coyote call ?
  6. My Wife loves caching the only problem is that She has to work every other weekend and She also is not a good waker upper in the morning. But on the days she does come i try to pick the more interesting ones near tourists traps. She has no interest in the gps or logging on the computer all she says is tell me when to start looking and stand back.. I think She is the only reason why other people tolerate Me.
  7. About twenty years ago I was coming out of a hobby shop and as I turned left on the side walk a guy was running straight for me with a bag in one hand and what looked like a small club in the other. I put out my hands to block the unavoidable collision. And as we went down four cops monkey piled right on top of us with guns pointed it him but if they did shoot I would have been hit too! Cruisers and more police showed up and jumped in to get their licks in and one grabbed me and started to cuff me but then one cop said not him he caught the suspect! They helped me up and as the stars were still floating around my head they were patting me saying good job and thanks. and he could have shot you. (the club was a .357 ) I tried to tell them that i just stepped in his way but they just kept saying nice job' so I gave them my name and ask them not to release it and staggered to my car. The news paper said unidentified hero helped catch a suspect in a gas station robbery. I still chuckle when I rub the bump that's still on the back of my head.
  8. If popcorn were to be Frog lawed then only Frog laws would have popcorn! or somthing like that.
  9. Oh Oh ! Now We have to have a Rule against Stupid Rules.
  10. It would almost like a DNF frown face for a TB Kinder like found cache but DNF Bug. Do I have it right?
  11. When I went out to find my 5th is when I learned what Archived stands for. Not saying Your as dumb as me but just checking.
  12. I did a freelance hit for the Mob and as I was digging the hole I struck something with the shovel. Ok not true but I did find my first one by Accident a year ago today. See my log on August 1, 2004 1942 B-18 by Plotthound2
  13. I am not the only one ! I am not weird! I thought it was just me.
  14. One question Did You check the logs for any other dnf's ? They will have Blue smiles. and could the caches be disabled or archived? I am just asking because I went and tried to look for two caches near my house that were archived months earlier when I was in my second week of caching.
  15. This one is from MASON BARRETT HILL RESET MY3836 that I had logged last October and was blazed in 1959.
  16. Just stick Your thumbs in Your ears and wave and say Muggle! Muggle! That should send them crying to there mommy.
  17. Always go with friends I take Smith & Wesson along with me.
  18. Hey welcome . Funny thing is I was thinking of going for that one and a few others Yesterday but instead I went from Ashland to Lincoln hitting marks along the tracks. You are going to have a blast because there are so many up in Your area that will keep You busy for a long time. Have fun.
  19. This has been a pet peeve of mine for a while now. Now this is only a suggestion but I think that when a cache is surrounded by private property and there is no obvious access then posting parking coordinates is in good taste and will keep the out of towners out of trouble. I don't think it should be a rule but I have heard a bullet hit a tree right next to me fired from a landowner who was gone to protect his poison ivy to the death. I was not caching at the time but still scared the heck out of me enough to think twice the next time.
  20. I found a cache totally by Accident last August and have been hook ever since. See My log 1942 B-18
  21. Cool! Just the reason why I got the Magellan. Any one up to sacrificing a little puppy?
  22. Except for the boomerang thing mine has I have had no problems I have had it since last May. (boomerang) (It over shoots me about 50 to 100 feet and then brings me back)
  23. New England style somewere near the beer.
  24. Iwould just like to see them on the Geocaching map .
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