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  1. No problem whith that lots of people do it. But You should shave Your armpits just in case.
  2. Gonna keep an eye on this one even though I don't care for I have had no problems.
  3. Just log and back date it. I found a cache and did not know it was archived two days before so i logged it anyway it stuck.
  4. Broke lock left bolt cutters signed log. TFTC
  5. I hunt benchmarks because there easy! They don't run like rabbits or deer and they don't charge like a rhino. They just sit there and let me make a clean kill. Seriously I guess for the same reasons as every one else except unlike ddnutzy I am not retired yet. I just like it.
  6. I may not be that good at spotting the cache but I can sniff out the nearest Dunkin Donuts.
  7. I agree with Mopar after looking at the most recent logs it seems that quite a few people are still enjoying this cache and that's what its all about. Log quotes : (All in all it was a nice hike to the head) (This turned out to be one of my favorite caches ( had some wonderful views and an unexpected amount of quality exercise) (This was a very nice hike on a weekday) ( Good cache, beautiful day for hiking ) (how exciting! Beautiful hike, great views, and enough steep terrain to keep me interested!) I must do this cache someday.
  8. Its a Travel Bug that its owner is holding captive and wont let it free. Just kidding a little but yes the owner holds on to it and logs the bug in at every cache that he visits sometimes to be able to keep track of his own cache mileage.
  9. I agree can anything be done with gpx files for benchmarks?
  10. Now You Thank Us next year You will Blame us I know just how You feel that why I put this out for my first cache last year. THANK YOU CACHER'S CACHE
  11. Buckle up keep your hands on the steering wheel and your eyes on the road and Go For It. It wont happen until You go out. Big thing is to have fun and remember You are outdoors and not on the couch.
  12. It looks like other cachers also had trouble with that cache and one person posted the coordinates were he found it . I suggest You read all the logs they can help. When I first started out I thought I was the worst searcher until I started going out with a better cacher them I am and He said to me that it did not matter how many finds a person has you still bumble around once you arrive at the site. Good luck and welcome to the sport.
  13. Just Go Here. I hope this helps.Caches that need Adoption
  14. In the First Place' I am getting tired of finding them in the Last Place I look.
  15. Yes PL is good But Do Not get any on Your hands and let it dry. It takes forever to come off. You will be at Your own wake and everyone will say You look good but what's that stuff on Your hands. I used to work with it to glue stainless steel to particle board.
  16. I Believe! I Doo I doo I Really Doo. Rapid View
  17. I don't get it ? If a puppet wears socks he gets banned Right? Then is it ok if he puts on mittens?
  18. I think all this talk about stuffing Waldo's in caches is Horrible! Has anyone here ever been curled up like a ball and put in a can next to a golf ball and leaky pack of shower jel bet Not! but let me tell ya it ain't fun. I know cause ThePetersPack did it to me once just because I made a little bitty error on a waypoint on a 12 mile hike for a cache. I think the S.P.C.W. would have a few things to say about this . So before You go and do something cruel think about us and how you would feel and maybe You will change Your ways or You could send a large donation to the W.R.F. ( Waldo's Relief Fund) in care of Me. Sorry I just had to get that off My chest.
  19. Thanks see i knew it was there some place.
  20. I have notice a lot of multi's require You to solve a problem to arrive to the next set of coordinates or the cache. But I notice most puzzle have You solve a puzzle or problem before going to find the cache. So I would suggest Multi but that's only my opinion.
  21. Took Funny Tupperware Container.
  22. The answer may be hidden right in front of my face like a magnet micro. But How do I un ignore a cache on my ignore list? Thanks for any Hints.
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