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  1. I think individual units have a lot to do with it. I had a Meridian Gold when I first

    started out and it worked fine for a while but then it could not keep a lock even if it

    was glued to the side of a satellite. But I know people with the same unit that were

    much older than mine and they are still running strong.


    I now have a GpsMap 60 CX and so far so Great I receive and maintain a strong lock

    every were under all conditions.

  2. :lol:

    Thank You raine I was having cable modem problems all week and was not able to do

    much about this problem and it was Great when I was finally able to get back on line

    and the cache_test_dummies informed me that everything was ok.


    Who says things don't get done around here?


    Thanks again



  3. It does it in Netscape and IE I logged out and cleared cookies then did a full reboot

    and logged in on both and the same thing happened. I have had this name since I

    started a year and a half ago and this just started today. Its got me going but I think it

    may be with Groundspeaks search code or something ' they have been fiddling with it


  4. Stop-Kitten.jpg

    Kitten Cache! Wow what a great idea!

    Take one leave one I can just read the logs

    now ( Easy find just listen for the pathetic meow of a dozen felines crammed in a box.

    Took siamese and left an American Wirehair and some kitty litter.) now that would be


    But it would have to be MOC cause all the non premium people would only leave

    junk yard strays.

  5. Is there anything else I can do to show my regret?

    I believe the RULE is that YOU must take the cache owner and the next 20 finders out

    for a prime rib dinner. :)


    I found a cache and the tupperware was in bad shape so I decided i was going to take

    it back to the car fix it up and put it back but i turned brain dead and just drove off

    with it. I stopped at a Dunkin's and while I was sitting in the drive thru i looked over

    and there it was on the seat got my coffee and then had a 12 mile drive back.

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