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  1. 1. Use an ELECTROPHORETIC SCREEN (aka "epaper") like the screen in the amazon kindle and the sony e-reader. These screens have outstanding visibility without a backlight and have extremely low power consumption (4mw - 16mw for a 5 inch screen, the kindle runs for a week on a charge).


    4mw - 16mw for a 5 inch screen,


    You ask For a 5 inch screen but then ask that it be smaller than a nano? ;)

  2. Nicely put and I agree 100%. Give us back our old maps, please!


    I have to agree also and with Google's 500 cache limit makes it very difficult to plan a day out sure wish we had the good old caching map back.

  3. I had a Meridian Gold and it was fine for a while and then started cutting in and out ,

    shutting off and telling me i was 60 miles form were I was! I talked to Magellan both

    by phone and e-mail and they said they knew about this problem and if I would send

    the unit back for $182.00 they would fix it. I told them that i only paid $180.00 for it

    brand new and it was not even a year old yet and should still be under warranty! The

    person from Magellan said yes but it was not covered for this problem.

    I won't buy any Magellan product any time soon.

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