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  1. Thanks all. Looks like the 450 but still gonna keep the cx.
  2. Have I been hearing correctly that the Oregon 550t will hold 5,000 caches and 2,000 waypoints? It does not say how many caches on there web site. Thanks
  3. Why do they call it Tourist Season if we can't hunt them?
  4. You can hotsync using bluetooth try this page Bluetooth Hotsync I have 64 bit and sync with my palm all the Time
  5. You can hotsync using bluetooth try this page Plam Bluetooth. It worrked for me.
  6. Count Me in but also would love to be able to do Pocket Queries for Benchmarks also.
  7. I went through this a month ago. You need to use a Bluetooth setup. I was getting a bit frustrated until I found this page. http://www.whizoo.com/bt_setup/index.php#hotsync Look to the bottom of the page
  8. Tried three times today and nothing. I have done hundreds of PQ's and I am 100% sure I did it right.
  9. 1. Use an ELECTROPHORETIC SCREEN (aka "epaper") like the screen in the amazon kindle and the sony e-reader. These screens have outstanding visibility without a backlight and have extremely low power consumption (4mw - 16mw for a 5 inch screen, the kindle runs for a week on a charge). 4mw - 16mw for a 5 inch screen, You ask For a 5 inch screen but then ask that it be smaller than a nano?
  10. I agree and including it with Pocket Queries would make it GREAT!
  11. Took Nothing Left Nothing Signed Log.
  12. After He dropped You off back at Your hotel did You check to see if you still had Your wallet? Ya have to watch out for us Yankees.
  13. I am selling software to protect You from the Y3K bug Just $99.99 + shipping and handling. Please allow 4 to 6 hundred years for delivery.
  14. I have to agree also and with Google's 500 cache limit makes it very difficult to plan a day out sure wish we had the good old caching map back.
  15. Yes and Pocket Queries for Benchmarks would be nice also.
  16. I had a Meridian Gold and then went to the Garmin Legend then a GPSMAP 60Cx. The only thing I find the gold good for is a game of Hackysack with steel tipped boots.
  17. To late for me. They lost me as a customer for good.
  18. I can spell Shell OIL using the same code its an old trick. crap I should have read the whole page before spilling my mouth.
  19. A couple of my caching buddies have a saying. ( Why let a perfectly good trail Block Your Way! )
  20. I had a Meridian Gold and it was fine for a while and then started cutting in and out , shutting off and telling me i was 60 miles form were I was! I talked to Magellan both by phone and e-mail and they said they knew about this problem and if I would send the unit back for $182.00 they would fix it. I told them that i only paid $180.00 for it brand new and it was not even a year old yet and should still be under warranty! The person from Magellan said yes but it was not covered for this problem. I won't buy any Magellan product any time soon.
  21. Even if they had a 50k I would be happy the 100:00 map they have now is useless.
  22. Oh Great! another thing I can't cache without and i told my wife that this sport is cheap.
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