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  1. One other thing to think about.

    Lots of people get poison ivy from there dogs yes from there dogs.


    Spot goes running around in the stuff gets it all over his fur then there master pats him telling them what a good dog he is and at that point Spot just smiles and wags his tail knowingly.

  2. I am sorry but I just have to tell this story.


    I was out with two of my regular caching friends (I will just call them B Bob and TPP to hide there Identity) and as we were standing on the corner getting ready to head in for the cache when a police car pulled up and the officer ask what we were doing.

    Well TPP looks at Him and says Oh nothing we just thought would hang around and look suspicious!


    Thought for sure we were going for a ride but the police officer laughed and drove away.


    True story

  3. I'm trying to understand why people feel ashamed of its DNF's.

    Like I said If I DNF a cache and think it is still there then I do not log.

    Reason: A lot of people will not attempt a cache if they see a dnf in the last log and just pass it by.

    There have been many and I mean many times I know the cache was there and swear I

    could hear it laughing at me but as far as being ashamed not in the least Mrs. Waldo

    finds enough things for me to be ashamed of so a dnf on a cache is nothing.

    Also there have been times when I enjoyed logging a dnf like this one comes to mind

    Impressionism GC1PAFG


    Now also if I think that the cache may have gone missing I will post a dnf and have done so

    quite a few times no shame in that either.

  4. "countless horror stories of hunting accidents" is just a bunch of BULL@#$%. All you have to do to be safe around hunters is use some common sense. DON'T go sneaking through the woods during hunting season. Wear something visible, orange, white, etc.



    NEVER! NEVER! Wear White! During Deer season in Mass it is Whitetail Deer there looking for.

    500 square inches of orange is Your best bet and don't be afraid to make noise.

    Also there is no hunting on Sundays in Mass.

  5. I went to do the 3.74 Beta upgrade today and everything seemed going fine

    The unit started up and was showing the green upgrade bar then restarted only to be frozen at the GARMIN name on the screen.

    It wont shut down by it self and after an hour I pulled the batteries and tried it again with the same results.

    Any suggestions?



    BTW I went right to the Oregon 450 page at the Garman site for the upgrade so I know downloaded for the right unit.

  6. Is Wherigo Down cannot find any mention of it on the Geocaching home page anymore.


    I know this is not Wherigo but its still Groundspeak and since I cannot login there I am asking the question here Thanks.


    Is Wherigo down? I try to login and all I get is this message.

    (Column 'Locale' does not belong to table Table.) Been trying for a few daysNow.

  7. I just went from a 60Cx to the Oregon 450 also and so far I am happy. Most of the problems are from me and not the unit.

    The Oregon 450 will hold 5000 caches and 2000 waypoints.

    When loading a PQ all I just do is copy both the cache gpx and the waypoint gpx to the 450 and done.

    it seems to be the last 5 logs for each cache.

    It is not necessary to recalibrate the compass and You can turn it off and it works like the one in the 60Cx. and calibrating is a snap.

    Only sad part is that you cannot change the coordinates' in a cache so if doing multis you have to mark a waypoint and push that along instead of the cache icon.


    So far I am enjoying the 450 but keep the 60Cx as a backup its still a Great unit.

    Have fun .

  8. Have a new 450 and it was showing the cache name on the map screen but now only shows the cache icon.

    Not sure what changed and I have tried every map and waypoint setting I could think of also I used GSAK to load the gpx file.

    I like seeing the cache name or GC code on the map.

    Thanks for any help

  9. forgot to mention. I also picked up a 4GB MicroSD, and also installed a screen cover. :lol:


    to date, I've used the Garmin updater (as of March 30th), to get the GPSr current. Installed Mapsource, and added the Arizona Topo & Ibycus USA.


    I also purchased a bike mount for the unit too, as I mountain bike a lot. looking forward to having it along. maybe I'll use my bike for hunting down some local caches.


    *LOL* What next Headers and duel exhaust ? Sounds like You tricked out Your truck. :D

    Sorry had to say that. I plan on buying a 400 or 450 very soon good luck with it.

  10. I keep getting this message ERROR 404: HTTP_STATUS_NOT_FOUND.This error is due to object ( Super Hampster tangled in wheel.)



    Please explain where you are seeing this.


    Now it says ERROR 404 FIXED Gerbil removed Hamster cape from wheel! everything is hunky-dory.

    Thanks Happy April 1st.

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