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  1. Try the NRoute beta from Garmin. I used Version 2.0 on a recent trip to the Smoky Mountains and I was pleased. Version 2.1 looks better. (I already had City Select v6 on my laptop. Using a Legend C.) http://www.garmin.com/support/download_details.jsp?id=609
  2. I paid $278.05 including shipping via Ebay. I've seen a few go for as low as $240 (not including shipping) on Ebay. Just depends how patient you are.
  3. Thanks, Eric. Based on your experience I just ordered one for my Legend C. Phun
  4. People ask "How much can you fit into 24 megs of memory on a Legend C/Vista C? Well, here is a screen shot from CitySelect V6 showing how much I have in mine. (The detailed maps of all the shaded area is stored.) Phun
  5. Eric, There is already a firmware upgrade for the Legend C (2.00 to 2.10). Here is what it includes (taken from the Garmin Website): Added the battery indicator to the title bar on the Main Menu page. Corrected problems with the Prompted Route Recalculation page. Corrected communication problems with third-party software. Corrected display of some long European street names. Corrected problems with restoring defaults on the Route Definition page. Updated translations. Phun
  6. See this review: http://gpsinformation.us/vistacolor/etrexvistacolor.html It is for the Vista C but they are very similar. I purchased the Legend C just a couple of weeks ago. This is my first GPSr. I'm pleased. Wish it had a slot for a memory card and a way to view a larger screen while driving. But for the money it was the best deal I could find. (I purchased it through eBay. Less than $280 including shipping) I also purchased Garmin's CitySelect software so I could do autorouting with my Legend C. Used it on a recent trip to Tuscaloosa, AL and it worked great. Now I've got most of NW Louisiana, Western Arkansas, and a small portion of East Texas loaded. That just about filled up the 24 megs of memory. Part of me wishes I'd paid a few dollars more for the Vista C but instead I purchased a compass for a few bucks. Carry both in a fanny pack while hiking. What I like about the Legend C is the small size for hiking & geocaching but the added feature of auto navigation. This has been more useful than I had expected. If you have any questions, I'll be glad to help. Phun
  7. Here is a link to a review that contains links to screenshots. (The Vista C screen is the same as the Legend C.) http://gpsinformation.us/vistacolor/etrexvistacolor.html Phun
  8. They didn't charge me $75. I didn't pay any extra for unlocking V6. (I was on the phone with Garmin Tech Support when I unlocked V5 and V6.)
  9. I want to use SD memory cards. This just seems to be a natural addition to the new units.
  10. I purchased V5 via Ebay last week and also ordered the free upgrade CD to V6 via Garmin's website on the same day. There is no charge for upgrading from V5 to V6. Phun
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