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  1. How do I post a picture when I make a log that I have found a cache?
  2. How accurate are these and would do these really work? A friend who is a beginner is thinking of getting one of these instead of an actual GPS...As they do not want to deal with downloading and etc.... What are your thoughts? Plus, she isn't to electronically literate! LOL
  3. I was activating a couple geocoins today....One for a friend and one for myself for us to set loose soon..... I had her acct. up and had already activated her's...I forgot to sign in to my acct. to activate mine so now both coins are in her's! How do we get mine out of her's and in my name.... Dumb move on my part!
  4. I went to an event, discovered many a TB's/coins.....I did this once before but being fairly new still and has been a while - I have forgotten HOW to log the discoveries.... Can someone help before I go nuts this A.M. trying to figure this out! I know it is probably something real simple but am running on NO sleep! LOL
  5. lets just say, i may only have 99 to my name but i was at cache slash fest in sumner illnois yesterday and next door was the largest i had ever seen... it was a VERY large ammo box- ya know the size that would hold military sized MISSLES.....LOL so ummm....not your typical sized ammo box! LOL
  6. I would say you got a great deal...I paid much more than that for mine!
  7. I saw this but does this also change it on geocaching.com and on all your logs and etc....
  8. Does anyone know how to change user name on geocaching.com?
  9. YES, it is!!!! we were out for 9 hours!!!!!!!! LOL
  10. Myself and another newbie went out all day yesterday and found our first TB's! woohooo how exciting.well- to us anyhow! how do we log those in to our inventory?
  11. thanks! i will not let them spoil it for me....unfortunately i have not been able to get out as much as i would like! am going out tomorrow about 60 miles away from my hometown here....i will not be dealing much around the hometown area, seems they are all fairly close knit and in cohoots with one and other from what i see and read! they will get nothing from me for sure! i have recently aquired some nice trackables and and going to start releasing soon but not in this town! lol
  12. Sorry I did not explain myself properly inmy first post as I have said, this is all new to me but I am learning and learning more each day by reading and so forth! As stated there seem to be 3 in particular in the area that I have been watching and I have decided that I will be going OUT of the area from here on out do to caches. And what caches I do around here will be quick stops only and will be taking and leaving nothing around this area for them... Sad huh.
  13. It stated it was not trackable but a collectible.
  14. Something I have noticed where I live.... Someone had left a coin, another went there, said they took coin,left nothing and signed log.... Now- I am all new to this but out of respect and so forth, if you take a coin or anything, are you not suppose to leave another or something in its place? I have came upon at least 6 different one in the area that this has happened and within the same group of people 3 people. When I went to a cache and it had something in it, if I took something , I left something - I feel you should leave it in just as good if not better shape than you found it! So am I doing something wrong or is it the nature of the beast and some just don't play the game the way it is intended?
  15. As soon as I get a coin, I will be in and will be my VERY first coin to release! Thanks for this contest.... Please email me with what you would like it to say as this IS all new to me! Thank you again!
  16. Thanks! I am still new but this may be eventually of interest so I have bookmarked it.
  17. LOL, thanks for that explanation & welcome! LOL
  18. hi...i am new here and to geocaching....myself and a feiend just heard of this, bought our first gps and went out and loved it. found 3 caches and 2 we didn't find. i still need to get the talk down but i will get there! and can someone tell me the meaning of the frog? lol i would love to have a coin if you still have any to get started with! if not i understand. thanks...
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