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  1. Μπράβο Αντώνη, νομίζω η προσπάθεια σου είναι πολύ υποσχόμενη, και πιστεύω πως χρέος μας είναι να την υποστηρίξουμε όλοι. Αυτή η ιδέα για ένα εξελληνισμένο χώρο Geocaching είναι πολύ σημαντική συνθήκη για την ανάπτυξη της δραστηριότητας και στην Ελλάδα.
  2. I read all about the meeting at the "geocaching event" page! I was so jealous, but I couldn't make it to Athens (from Tripoli) due to the exams period. I'm sure you discussed important matters for the sake of geocahing in Greece and also had fun. Next time I'll be there, I promise.
  3. Finally the greek forum section is open! I am greeting all legendary greek geocachers. I am happy I can see familiar nicknames, and I am happy I am going to meet many others. My name is Elias and I live mainly in Tripoli, where I attend the University of Peloponnese. My hometown is Katerini. I am not very new to geocaching, but I have little experience (hidden only 1 cache, shame! ) Also, I own a Magellan SporTrak.
  4. The most logical option is English, for the reasons Antonis_GR mentioned already. Besides, geocaching.com lists all geocaches in English, and geocaching is a worldwide activity, so it doesn't make things worse for the people who are not so familiar with the language. That is in my humble opinion, of course.
  5. Yeah that makes sense I think. With the stress at ca right? Let's clarify this.
  6. I have already read those discussions. The thing is:
  7. I know there have been many conversations about the pronunciation of the word "Geocaching", "cache", "geocacher" and so on, but I haven't been satisfied entirely about possessing the ability to pronounce "geocaching" correctly. Let's all share our opinion/knowledge on this matter please: I've read that the most common way to say "Geocaching" is: Geo-caching, where Geo is pronounced as in Geography, and caching pronounced as in cashing. I think more or less everybody agrees to that approach, eh? My question is: The stress goes to "o" ( Ge'ocaching, like Ge'ography? ) or does it go to "ca" ( Geo'caching ) ? What about geocacher then? Does the stress goes exactly like geocaching or no? Thank you.
  8. You're absolutely right Jamie, I've fixed it now. (I'm so embarassed... ) Thank you very much for your concern.
  9. Hi there, I was wondering if that's the right place to post... anyway: I've translated the stashnote into Greek because there is no greek stashnote published on the site. It's quite well done and i would like you to consider publishing it, as an encouragement for the greek geocaching. Links for stashnotes: Word: stashnote_greek.doc PDF: stashnote_greek.pdf
  10. Hi there! I am new to geocaching and want someone to explain to me how all the geocaching sites are connected to each other. I mean, if I place my own cache, I have to register it to all the geocaching sites, like, geocaching.com, navicache.com etc.? The same question is made when I visit a cache. Please help! Thanks very much.
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