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  1. Makes sense to me! Reading your question also helped me with my question. Thank you
  2. I was wondering if it is ok to give a TB to another geocacher so the TB will get closer to its goal.
  3. I should have mentioned, found it in Wilton, Maine. A little far from Nebraska ()
  4. Found a benchmark face down in a stream. Pulled it out so it would not get swept away. Wondering how to find information about it. Like where it was originally placed. This is what is engraved into it: US Department of Interior Geological Survey Elev. 768 FT Above Sea 36 AFK 1965 Unlawful to Disturb For information write Washington DC Does anyone know what AFK means? Or how to find who set it originally and/or where? Thank you for any help or direction. I looked through the NOAA database using coordinates where it was found and elevation but could not find any mention of it.
  5. coinsandpins I found a coin of theirs and it is absolutely gorgeous. Wondering if anyone has used this method to produce custom coins and how it worked out. I am thinking about placing our logo on the coin.
  6. Glad this question was posted. I was wondering, too. From now on I will be sure to remove any trashed items and clean out geocaches found if needed. Thanks for the read!
  7. I found a geocache last weekend that had just enough moisture for the pencil sharpener to rust and make the whole cache rusty. We cleaned it out but in hindsight I should have taken the sharpener out since it is really trash now. I started a box in my vehicle so that I have extra items on hand to leave behind if I do take an item out that is ruined. IMHO, I really don't care for the plastic trinkets. I feel like I am finding trash.
  8. I have been looking at having custom coins made and found one company (listed here at geocaching.com) that offers to do this for free. Does anyone have experience with this? Sounds like they would give me a portion of what they make and then they sell the rest. The 'free' part seems too good to be true so I was hoping for some advice here to help me make a decision. Thank you!
  9. Thank you folks! And thank you for being so nice with my 'newbie' question () She is all set now and excited about geocaching. I am hoping this new hobby will bring us closer. I certainly have had some fun so far!
  10. I gave my niece a garmin etrex - the cheapest unit for sale- to get her started with geocaching. She is having trouble using it and so am I I have the instructions and have read & re-read yet unable to figure out how to put in the coordinates to a geocache. My search in the forums keeps erroring me, so I thought I'd just ask for help. Could anyone point me in a direction for some good instructions? Thank you folks!
  11. My bad. I had actually read the rules & regulations in August, and never saw the answer to my question. Hmmm. I figure GPS coordinates would work as far in as I can go- roughly 1 mile away on a decent dirt road - then it would be ok to go into clue mode. Right now there are no Geocaches in Temple, Maine and there are some very nice places for them. Trainlove- thanks for responding. I am not on a military base, nor on a city sidewalk – I am just in the woods and mountains…small mountains ... of Maine. I was really prompted to ask about this in the forum in hopes that some others had the same problem and found a solution, even if it means buying a better GPS. A friend of mine wondered if the rocks in the area prevent the GPS from working. I am still hoping for some theories or plugs for other GPS handhelds. Starbrand & Hogrod - I am not using my cell, but I always have my cell handy. I am using a Garmin forerunner. I have been having fun with the GPS, though still learning I have had no problems with it in many populated areas….areas that are really, really flooded with Geocaches on the map. (Trainlove - The comment about lampposts and guard rails made me chuckle, but reminded me how cluttered the geocache map can look in certain areas, too. Glad to hear you like a little hike, too, when searching.) Sounds like I should go read GPS reviews and look for some of the existing geocaches around here. Not a bad idea….not bad at all. Thanks all for taking the time to respond!
  12. Hello all, I am a newbie and wondered if anyone here can shed light on this. I have only placed one geocache and wanted to do some more, however when I went to the locations my GPS just errored me. Are there certain areas the GPS just won't work and may I still drop a geocache with text instructions to find it? I had a cell signal at these spots but the GPS kept searching and searching..... one was in Temple, Maine and the other a little north of, in Madrid, Maine. Anyone have a similar problem in these areas? May I still drop the caches with the nearest coordinates I can grab and lots of text clues? Thanks
  13. I cannot seem to find a way to search the geocaches in an area by their difficulty rating. I am looking for hikes, and am pulling up so many that aren't - is there a way to filter them?? Thank you, Bethany
  14. "Walk far enough, life gets simple. Life gets simple enough, things start to make sense." Chris Douglass
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