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  1. How do you guys set your home cooridates in your GPS? Mine seems to be taking the last cache we found as the starting location and not the home cooridates. The last cache was in an area away from home.



  2. I read somewhere on the website that Geocachers used Channel 2. So, if you are in the woods, you can see if someone else is in area too?


    And no, I'm not buying that they aren't a toy! LOL.

  3. Hi all. My husband and I are just getting back into geocaching. Went out this weekend and found two caches. We are confused though. On the Garmin V, why does the distance to next show an incorrect distance? When we found the caches, the distance to next was completely off. I'm sure it's something we did wrong, but can't figure it out.



    Gabwp and Rdut

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