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  1. I`m looking for a Lighthouse v. 2 in gold or bronze Have to trade: Frozen Bone Bronze World of Geocaching v. 1 World of Geocaching v. 2
  2. If you are not interested in a World of Geocaching Coin, I also can offer you a Frozen Bone Coin
  3. I`m looking for a Limited Edition Lighthouse Series Version 2 coin. Would offer you a "World of Geocaching" Coin for trade
  4. Hmmm... missed the "ebay sell event" Is there anybody who would trade 1 gold or 1 bronze ? I can offer you a "World of Geocaching" coin
  5. Today I got my Frozen Bone Cache Zone Run Bronze
  6. Happy Birthday Manituela !! Please put me down for 2 silver, please Greetings from Brunswick DonDuck
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