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  1. Got mine yesterday in Germany Thank you for minting these fine geocoins
  2. Invoive recieved and paid Thank you for minting this fantastic coin
  3. I got mine one week ago Thank you for this fantastic coin
  4. Hi folks I´m seeking for a : London Phone Box I have for trade : Fliegenpilz or Vogtland antik silver
  5. I also have problems with my watchlist notification. Since a few days I don`t get any emails when there are logs at a cache on my watchlist . I also have an AOL account. Not really good
  6. I`m looking for: Blue Canarie Nevada Lehigh Mafia Duck Luxembourg Switz Classic Australia 2006 Spin Geocoin The Fox and the Hound Geocoin Puzzle Geocoin (any parts) MicroLogger Geocoin Poffertjes Geocoin Have to trade: Team Myth (gold) 1. Walpurgis Event All in One Geocoin (nickel) some Regions af Germany "Braunschweig" (antik silver) Parrolet Geocoin
  7. Got mine today . They are looking fantastic !!! You did a great work Thank you
  8. Today I got: Psychochicken North Carolina Thank you for trading
  9. Today I got my 1. Edition They are looking great !!! Thank you for this coin
  10. Today I got my Cat Coins The "glow in the dark" eyes are unbelievable !!
  11. Looking for Loggerhead (is there one turtle left ?? ) What I have available for trade: World of geocaching V. 1 World of geocaching V. 2 Kansas Frozen Bone bronze
  12. No coins for me Are there any problems with the post ??
  13. Hmm ... No coins for me in the last days. Please let Kitty come home to me
  14. Got my coins today in Germany They look wonderfull. You did a great job: Thank you
  15. They are looking very good Can`t wait to find them in my letterbox
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