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  1. I have cached in states/countries that are suposed to have souvenirs displayed, but not on my profile. We have GC942 - Colorado found 8/28/2007 GCM6EC & GCM9CJ - Hawaii found 1/25/2006 GC1HKRR - Greece found 6/5/2009 Tom n Chris (also Geocaching ID)
  2. I have the same issue. I can login using Safari, but when trying to login within the app, I put in my log info, it thinks, and comes back with the login screen, blank fields, not logged in.
  3. My bad, I did not know of the 'project site' and I did not check for logging twice very well. Thanks for all the prompt help!!!
  4. I have been working with a friend (cyclep&p) to resolve a difference in cache count between caches found and distinct caches. His count difference is four more finds than distinct caches. There are no caches logged twice, however he has four instances each with a duplicate named cache (different GCs). In all four cases, one of the pair of identical cache names has been archived. Valid finds were logged on all eight (4 caches x 2 names) of the caches. It appears that the "Distinct" count may be done by cache name rather than GC code. (reference GC2A7HR & GC1FW40, both named 'By George!' also, GCRETG & GCT7T2, both named 'Get Smart' the other two duplicate names are Lake View and Sunrise Park)
  5. We have done two of the A.P.E. caches. Maryland yet to do. Add us for 1LE and 1 regular.
  6. I found a 'Benchmark' disc, U.S. Department of Interior Geological Survey with a triangle with a '+' in the center. In has an 'ELEV.' label with no data and is stamped '58 WPR 1965' below the triangle. I believe (I am new to this) it is marked on the USGS Topo, Michigan, South Branch Quad as 'BM 921' I think the 921 is the elevation. The coordinates are -083.86568, 44.48382 I looked in the NGS Datasheet database, but could not find it. There is a nearby benchmark, '59 WPR' in the NGS database as well as the Geocaching.com benchmark database. Should this be in both the NGS and GC databases? I would like to log it in the GC database.
  7. Put us in for 2 on this non-preorder thread...
  8. Add us to your wait list for two. Thanks!
  9. I will buy one of each. Thanks!
  10. Great looking coin! Please wait list me for two. Thanks!
  11. I would like 2 bronze and 1 silver. I thought I had ordered but did not find me in the thread. I need to keep better track! Thanks!
  12. Since it appears that few are waiting... Put me down for two!
  13. I would like 3. Prefer trackable.
  14. I would like 1 Silver & 2 Bronze
  15. Received our coins last week Zip Code - 48843 Great packaging. Thanks Sissy!
  16. Please put us in for 3 coins.
  17. Put us down for 6 coins! (I know, not a normal multiple of 5, but...) Thanks
  18. Put me down for 4 coins. Thanks! Tom n Chris
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