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  1. Thanks for the links - an initial look has shown me that these definitely deserve more of my time when I get the chance. Thanks very much! First I put the right foot in. Then I take the right foot out....... Lol!
  2. Hi MYater. Have to say, I completely agree. My intention would be that this would be used in conjunction with friends function only. I personally wouldn't mind people seeing my DNFs as I don't think this leads to valid judgement, however, I can fully see why people wouldn't want their own DNFs showing up if this is a worry to them.
  3. Understood - but your point doesn't prove it would be a waste of resources, it purely shows me that it's not an option you would use - which is fine. It's good to hear other points of view though. Like I say, it's a low priority request, but a valid one nonetheless.
  4. I think that's also a good suggestion. I do have a Nuvi (albeit a lower-end model) and did try a basic GPX transfer, but didn't really give it a good test as found Geoshrine - but will test that out again! Thank you
  5. Allanon - you certainly come across fairly brusque! "No" -- to what particular question!?! Absolutely entitled to your own opinion - but I don't feel that because some people don't record DNFs in the same way others record DNFs that this shouldn't be a feature. In the same way that it doesn't do anything for you, doesn't mean it would be a "waste of resources" if other people have already expressed an interest in such a feature and thus would gain benefit. As for #2 - I gave one example, there would be others. In my example, I could see their DNFs and suggest a meet up. In your example we would have to discuss all DNFs. If they were a high-numbers cacher then your solution wouldn't fit my problem. In any circumstance - my request/suggestion is ultra-low priority - but would have value.
  6. Hmm - who bothers comparing finds anyway!? Surely it's all about the personal challenge?! Just being able to search/see DNFs for friends for the reason I said would be an added benefit.
  7. Thanks Plipey and everyone else for all the suggestions. I've decided that paperless is definitely the way to go, but for now I've gone with the interim solution of Pocket Queries into GSAK and then onto my Sony Ericsson K800i via GeoShrine (there are some issues with text going off the screen, but it will suffice for now!). Am looking forward to exploring the various paperless options. Have got an iphone/ipod touch solution simmering away, but am also not dismissing the PDA option either. Will definitely come back to this thread, but it's great to see that there are so many different options available. Thanks again
  8. Thanks for all the comments and sorry for the slow reply. I've now got to grips with the Pocket Queries and am using a combination of this, GSAK and Geoshrine on my mobile phone to enable at least some form of paperless caching. Am loving it! Will hvae to check finances to see if the iphone is an option! )
  9. Just to add that I've now decided to go with the GSAK solution instead as am starting to use this wicked program more and more.
  10. Hi fellow cachers! I'm now wanting to go paperless, but am happy with my Legend HCx. Met someone who uses a PDA to hold details on caches (from a pocket query?) including Description/Clue, etc, so no need for paper printouts. So, can any of you point me to a cheap way of going paperless (e.g. PDA on Ebay, software to use, etc?). nb: I have downloaded GSAK and am a premium member so can use PQs ok. I'm just wary of buying a cheap PDA on ebay and it not being able to be used. Any advice gratefully received!
  11. I recently wanted to do the Harvey and Ziggy Red Route (a series of 9 caches and a bonus cache) but my uploading process seems very laborious! http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...41-c8b798c8506e (the first in the series) I have a Garmin Legend HCx, so don't have the benefit of paperless caching, so the method I used was as follows: 1) Located the caches on the google maps screen 2) Connected the Garmin and used the Send To GPS option for each cache 3) Checked each page as I went for DNFs, etc 4) Printed each page to use as an aid when out in the field 5) Went caching! Now, it feels like if I had a PDA I could do some paperless caching and cut out the paperwork, but are there any obvious shortcuts I could have taken (e.g. in the uploading process, etc)? How would YOU have done it (both in my position and your own)?
  12. Please ignore this duplicated post - created due to a slow-crashing Groundspeak overflow error buggy type thing!
  13. Hi there, I've literally just done mine a few moments ago! I used http://www.mygeocachingprofile.com/ Go on there and register. I see you're a premium member so you will be able to upload your stats to their site to then copy and paste the html results back to your profile. Try it, but come back if you have problems!
  14. Hmm - I'm guessing the problem is with me then!? I'm sure I tested it with Firefox too and had the same problem.
  15. I had a quick search but couldn't see this: I would love to be able to search for friends' DNFs. I know we can search for caches that they have found - but it would be good to see those they haven't so we can organise group days out to include these too. Sure there would be other benefits, but this is just one! Any thoughts?
  16. Now come on, Mr Dolphin --- have I not already apologised for generalising....! Time to move on!
  17. Sorry to have generalised - no offence was intended, but I think from my generalisation you can gather what I intended. Briansnat, please can you point me to the guides you're talking about? If it's the ones I've seen, then I'm still in need of a more proceduralised (if that's a word!) document for reference. The caching itself and the CITO principles, stealth, etc, have all been taken in and are being applied successfully! It's more a step-by-step guide for the website which would be good! Thanks for all the suggestions so far. I've already advised to just go for the 'green' caches rather than multis, puzzle, etc. Cheers again! (edited due to double-line bug - see other thread!)
  18. Does anyone else have a problem when posting to these forums in that when you submit/preview a post, extra line spaces are shown? No doubt it will do it when I submit this! This means that I have to then go back in and edit my post to remove spaces which then leaves a [last edited by....] update at the bottom of each of my posts which isn't a big deal - but just a pain in the proverbials. Thanks
  19. Hi there, Just wondered if anyone has produced a guide for older people on: use of the Geocaching.com website Geocaching in general We have introduced our parents to the pasttime and they are enjoying it, but a simple guide on how to use the website to find caches would be good if one exists. In the meantime, I've created a quick 1-pager on how to get started so will see how they get on from there! Thanks
  20. Hi - I've got IE8 and tried to recreate your experience to no avail. When you say that you highlight a GC waypoint - what exactly did you highlight (e.g. the GC number, the name, etc)?
  21. Hi MYater, Thanks for your reply -- I have just gone to check my location - and all now looks ok.... was just about to try your advice, but it looks like the problem has resolved itself. Thanks anyway - I appreciate the time taken to reply. Best wishes.
  22. Keystone is Da Man! Always offers great advice! Moderation Rocks! I have always vowed Never to write a Haiku. And I never have.
  23. Firstly thanks to all of you to have replied! It's certainly shown me that a) it was definitely a valid question, and it's a subjective thing. Having read all the advice, I think you all put your points across well. In the absence of any 'official' guidance, I think this is the approach I will go with: 1) Arrived at general location - searched, but no find: DNF 2) Arrived at general location - searched for (what i feel is) a reasonable time, but no find due to interruption by muggles: DNF, but text to include part-search only 3) Arrived at general location - muggles, prevent the search: Note only - no DNF 4) In multi-cache where part-solved but prevented from finding cache due to Muggles: Note only - no DNF I've just realised that I could go on and I'm keen not to make it too prescriptive! However, I feel that this approach generally will allow me to record those (in my opinion) 'genuine' DNFs where there is a chance that the cache has gone or I simply haven't found the right spot. However, one of the main points is that I think it has given us, is the chance to realise not to solely rely on the numbers --- the text 'reviews' are the most important aspect. Thanks again!
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