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  1. http://www.geocities.com/team_fisur/ Just remember, his website isn't complete with all the personal coins out there. I know of several coins that are not listed there. I looked it over and it's nice, but you are right... there are a lot of coins out there that aren't listed. I guess I'm still looking at what are the "classic" type coins.
  2. "Add DHobby Ver 1" Good call!
  3. This is the sort of posting I wanted to see. Thanks!
  4. I think some of us are getting carried away wth the word rare. As I said in the first posting, I'm wondering about the harder to get coins. We could go on and on about what is rare. I'm also thinking more in line with the "earlier" Geocoins, not all of the LE coins that are out there now.
  5. I agree with that 100% I think one of the things that make people seek it out, is if it has passed the test of time and been around a while. Another factor is if it is a personal Geocoin, has anyone heard of that cacher? Have they been around for a while? Have they found many caches, etc.
  6. Not that I'm an expert. I'm certainly not, but there aren't many new coins that I would consider "rare." Yes, there have been a few moun10bike coins on Ebay, but I don't think that means much. Actually I think there has been one V1, one V2 and one V3. If there were 100, silver 2004 coins made and that was before the GeoCoin craze, I'd wonder if there were still 100 out there. To me, that has potential to be rare, or hard to find. I don't know the number of 2005 RK Idaho coins that were minted, but my feeling is that they are going to be more plentiful. Or at least I'd think they were.
  7. Where is team Fisurs website? I don't know where to find it.
  8. Excuse me if this has been covered and if it has, send me a link. I'm wondering what the more difficult, or hard to find Geocoins are. I know that currently there are several "limited edition" coins that are being produced. I'm thinking of coins like the Moun10bike V1 and V2 coins. The Indydiver coin. Even the all silver Geocoins (2004 and 2005) that were made in limited amounts of 100 I believe. I'm just very curious as to what the learned members have to say on this. Thanks.
  9. I got my coins for trades and for placing in some caches. I don't plan on selling any of them.
  10. Out spending the day geocaching, but a tardy Email was just sent
  11. I was told that there were only 100 of those silver coins made. I wonder how many are around now.
  12. I agree. It's up to the new owner of the coin what he wants to do with it. Sell it, keep it, trade it or what ever. I've got no problem with any of those choices.
  13. I agree with a previous post. If you want to start trading and keeping some coins, you can get a good start with that as trade bait. If you want $$$ then go ahead and put it on Ebay. Actually if you really were interested in trading it, just say so and put some sort of deadline on it and then the offers will really fly.
  14. Yikes!!! How in the world did I miss out on this one!
  15. Two silvers please and if there is a standby list or anything for a gold, I'd like to be on it.
  16. If I haven't answered anyones Email, please resend. I'm trying to stay on top of the flood of Emails as best I can. I'll post a list of completed trades soon. Thank you.
  17. I like this idea. No harm, no foul and you pick up some icons along the way. If anyone would like to share their list... I'd appreciate it.
  18. Done! AG is pretty quick, she already requested #7.
  19. Does this mean I get a really low number ? Absolutely! Is there a request?
  20. I'll respond to posts and messages, but I'd prefer Emails. They will get quicker attention. Thank you.
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