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  1. I don't think that one really fits into the list. I'd like to have it, but yea... I'm thinking it's not quite a Geocoin.
  2. Well, I had my fingers crossed for the end of this month, but it's looking like early February....
  3. This is great. I'm getting my coins in any day now. Mine are for trading only, however there is a charity that is close to my heart and I'll be listing some coins on ebay for that charity. Tell me... what would be better. List my un-numbered proof bronze, or my #1 bronze and #1 LE silver?... Or I guess three separate auctions.
  4. That's pretty cool! I like it.
  5. I think that is a very cool design. Sign me up for a couple.
  6. I have some trackable California wooden nickles left for trades.
  7. Well, as for my coin, I am out of coins for trade. There were only 100 made in September of 2003. This is the first cache to receive one of my coins (First 2dolphins coin placed!). I rarely traded coins for anything other than other personal coins. (Hard to find 100 people with their own coin minted in the past..) Moun10bike was the first person to get one of my coins. So, although they were pretty easy for people with personal coins to trade for in the past, until I make a version 2 (not sure if that is going to happen) I can't make any more trades.. I have one, but I picked it up from someone else in the last 4 months or so. I'm very happy that I did too. At the time, I was getting very frustrated because I had very little to trade and no one would trade unless I had something they wanted like a moun10bike coin, or I had a personal coin they wanted. I didn't have anything. Anyhow... I was able to work out something for this coin and like I said.. .I was pretty happy about it.
  8. Everyone is different. Everyone has a different "read" on this stuff. I've bought a lot of coins on Ebay. Some personal and some not. I bought them because I couldn't get ANYONE to trade with me. I eventually went ahead and had my own coin made (should be in my hands in a couple of weeks), ONLY to trade and put in caches. I won't be selling any, unless I opt to sell a couple for cancer research. All that is just my feelings on Geocoins. It doesn't have anything to do with me and my caching. I love the Geocoins, but I really love caching. I've got 2400+ caches found and that's what I enjoy the most. So, does anyone care about my feelings on Geocoins, or Geocaching? Probably not, but my point is that everyone is different. As long as people aren't being hurt, or forced to do something, then it's all good. Buy what you want and pass on what you don't want. Why bad mouth someone because their feelings, or take on something is different than yours? Remember... Geocaching is a game. Collecting Geocoins is supposed to be a fun thing too.
  9. Ok... So shall I drop a couple of coins and add some others?????
  10. Yea... I'm doing slightly better. I need: Team Fisur Waypoint15 Square T Capt Prozac Geonap Habercacher Danman
  11. So this is the list???? Moun10Bike Ver 1 Moun10Bike Ver 2 IndyDiver Team Fisur Waypoint15 Square T Wandering Dragon Goblindust Capt Prozac Blazerfan Geonap 2Dolphins Habercacher Danman DHobby Ver 1 OKIC
  12. My Blue iis coins should be in my hands soon. I've approved the proof and am awaiting the coins now. They are numbered, but not trackable. 200 Bronze 100 Silver
  13. My Geocoin (I've finally gotten the proof, approved it and now I'm waiting for my coins to arrive) will not be sold by me. They are for trading and placing in caches only. The exception will be possible sales for charity.
  14. Got to love that design! I'm in for a couple
  15. Nah, there were 200 of them minted as well, AND the person where I believe you got yours from had managed to get 5 of them by contacting former cachers through old cache logs. Huh... That was pretty clever thinking! Still, I for one would really like to latch onto one.
  16. By OKIC, you mean the 2004 Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana Cachers coin?
  17. It does show all of the hard to find coins... The original ones. So what are the "hard to find, original coins?"
  18. The DHobby Ver 1 and the Moun10Bike Ver1 have the same back. I've noticed that the 2005 North Carolina Geocachers Association coin has that same back as well. Sort of a "classic" look.
  19. Probably one of the coolest ideas I've seen. One I'll have to get!
  20. Put me down for two. Couldn't resist. That was funny! Especially if it comes with its' own Icon!
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