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  1. Heck. For a Moun10Bike V2 coin I'd make a heck of a multi coin trade.
  2. That's incorrect. You have no choice whether to read it or not, much like you had no choice to read this sentence. More to the point: We don't want to be put in the position of advocating any charity. There are already several avenues offered to geocachers other than creating events as a platform for raising money. (edit: fixed quotes) Incorrect. Although you may not have a choice to read or not read. The choice is do I want to attend or not? Just like any cache. Will I, or won't I go after that micro, multi, or what ever. I understand that Geocaching.com feels uncomfortable taking a stand and doesn't want to add a tag line about supporting, or not supporting a cause. Got it!
  3. Sorry I find this statement a bit over the top. You have no idea what individuals do in their day to day work. Perhaps they use caching as a means to leave behind their dailey exposure to death and dying and grief. Fact of the matter is, it is not up to you to judge. I don't care to attend any charity related cache events. Even if I support the cause. Even if I am not required to donate to attend. I wouldn't feel comfortable attending and not donating obviously. I totally stand behind Groundspeeks' rules to not let the two get mixed up together. This is a game, not a platform. If I want to donate to a good cause, I can find the place to do so on my own. What a silly thing to say! Who cares what people do in there day to day work? No one is talking about that! And no one (other than you) is judging. They are giving their opinions. This whole thing is really a game of words. Ground speak doesn't want their name linked with anything where a "donation" is required, asked for, or even hinted at. Geocachers are seemingly being protected, at least in this instance from being "pressured" to give, or donate money. Forget about what Rufusthecat said where there are caches in establishments where you feel like a fool if you don't spend some money. Forget the events that are held in restaurants where the profits just line some individuals pockets. Forget about the "blessed" Geocoin with its own icon and is trackable being put out by someone who isn't a big cacher, doesn't want to trade for other coins, but only wants to sell their coin for a quick buck! It seems to me that if you eliminate the word donation and just charge a flat fee to attend an event and then stuff all the money in your pocket, Ground speak is fine with it.
  4. I agree with what you said, however few Geocachers have Geocoin collections made up of gift Geocoins. They either traded for them, bought them, or were lucky enough to find them. That's REAL different than receiving them as a gift.
  5. Why not? If you can afford something and you want it, why not? People pay extra for leather interiors on their cars. Is that wrong? People pay extra for a super duper stereo system. Is that wrong? People will pay big dollars for a fancy dinner out. Is that wrong? The answer is no. You may not be able to spend your money that way, or even have the money to spend that way... but it doesn't make it wrong. What I don't understand is how people can make comments that they can't believe what others will pay for something they want. Heck, I've got some plastic baseball figures called Hartlands that sold for around $5.00 back in the sixties. Now they go for hundreds, up to over a thousand for the real rare ones. Why not?
  6. I was thinking it was set at at least 1K, which is the only reason I bid on it in the first place. I knew the reserve was higher than I'd ever bid on a coin I'm just curious why you would assist the seller and bid on it, thus raising the price for them.
  7. Wisely, I suspect that Moun10Bike has chosen not to chime in on this. Notice that the thread title has the word "another" in it. If you want to see what Moun10Bike had to say the other time, use the search function. I doubt his position has shifted (much). Hmmm... I spent a while searching, but couldn't find the link you were mentioned.
  8. I'd really enjoy reading what the person who originally put the coin out thinks. To me, this is just silly. Someone wants to sell something that they found and by the previous owners own statement, they now own. That's fine folks. They aren't evil. They aren't bad. They don't have a problem with morals. It's just not a big deal. What one person will pay for something you or I might not think is worth it, also IS NO BIG DEAL. Geshhhh.
  9. People, please... There is NOTHING wrong with buying, or selling a moun10bike coin on Ebay. Just because you don't like the idea of it, or perhaps you can't afford to bid, doesn't make this a crime of ANY sort. That's life. Move on.
  10. Yep, silver LE. You'll have to wait for about a week and a half though and then we can trade.
  11. Thank you. Actually I'm bringing a few to Arizona with me to put in some caches there too.
  12. I'm pleased to say that my coins have FINALLY arrived. They came today and I'm leaving tomorrow for a week long caching trip in Arizona. I packaged up pretty much all of my trades and mailed them out tonight. I will need to double check my spread sheet and notes, but I think I got 99% of them taken care of. I still have some bronze coins to trade and as it turned out, I opted to order some silver LE coins and they are available to trade as well. If you are interested, in either coin drop me a line, but I won't be able to physically finalize any trade until I get back home next week. Thank you to everyone who had made a trade with me. Mike aka Blue iis
  13. I've got the following for trade: A few of the Worker of Wood personal coins A couple of the GBA coin club coins (with the micro chip) A few of the GBA Earthquake coins I will have the following available soon for trade: 1. The GBA spring coins 2. My personal coins will be arriving this week. I've made several trades already, but I do have some of the bronze coins left and just a few of my silver coins available for trade.
  14. I will be getting some of the GBA Sring coins in. If anyone is interested in setting up a trade, drop me an email. Thank you.
  15. I for one really like the design and I'm looking forward to receiving mine. Being lucky enough to have picked up some of these for trades, I hope others like it as much as I do!
  16. Does anyone have a South Carolina all silver coin that they'd be willing to trade?
  17. After going back and forth with the company, I got a firm date. I'll have the coins the first week of March and will be sending out my half of my trades ASAP. I'm sorry for the delays, as I had been told January for my delivery date.
  18. Very cool looking. I'd be in for some.
  19. That's a pretty cool looking coin, so I jumped for a couple.
  20. Honestly I sent the design back for seven revisions too....
  21. Yea... I have to admit, unless there are other nearby caches, I wouldn't make that sort of trek for a real hard to find micro.
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