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  1. I still have a few of the Motogrrl memorial Geocoins if anyone needs one. They are trackable with their own Icon.
  2. * Get to the main menu screen (the one with icons for System, Display, Interface, etc.). * Select the Setup icon and press Enter. * Select the Routing icon and press Enter. * Select Guidance Method and press Enter. * Finally, select Prompted from the list. That should get you back to being prompted when you press Go To. And indeed it did!!! Thank you kind sir!
  3. My fingers moved quicker than my brain today and I was wondering if anyone could help me out. I was about to route myself to a cache, but somehow I toggled down to the "Don't ask again" option and I pressed enter before I could think. Now my GPS won't route, but only goes point to point. How can I undo this??? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  4. I know they have been out for a while now, but I've only been able to pick up my Motogrrl memorial geocoins recently. If anyone is looking for one of this trackable, with its' own icon Geocoins, drop me a note.
  5. I have some of my personal Geocoins left that I will happily trade with others. Just let me know.
  6. So far I've only traded mine, but I have left some freebee's in caches in Arizona, California, Colorado and New Mexico so far. I'll be going to Texas (GW) and Nevada soon and will be placing some in caches there too.
  7. Yep... A good person. We had traded personal Geocoins and I had picked up a few of her wooden nickels.
  8. I'll be there, more for the caching... but I'll have some coins with me.
  9. I've got just a couple of the following left. I'm looking for pretty much any of the newer coins. GBA Spring coin GBA Earthquake coin GBA Coin club coin (with microchip)
  10. I'm looking for pretty much any of the newer coins that have come out. Plus any of these: ajayhawkfan alwayslooking_99 Blue Canary Fazanten LE (Black Nickel) Geo Jamboree 4 Groundspeak Lackey Haughton's Hunters Japan Geocoin Moun10Bike 2005 Christmas Coinament Moun10Tyke National Geopark Swabian Alb (Gold) NOLEFAN9399 Portugal 2006 Swiss - Classic Swiss - Modern Team Myth The Blind Acorn The Great Reward Toronto 2006 (Two Tone) UOTrackers Utah Micro 2006 (Antique Silver) Here are my traders: http://cointracking.com/myCoins.php
  11. Not sure, but you can go ahead and write in 2006...CENTEX Ummm... yea... alright. That's helpful.
  12. I've got some of the following wooden nickels that I'll trade for others: 2005 California trackable RufusTheCat Sunshine Gang Motogrrl Rocket Girl wooden token Alpharomero wooden token
  13. Yes, I'm familar with the recent Texas Challenge Geocoin. However, before it came out and not that long ago I found a token in a cache in California. Its a thick plastic type material and says: Texas Geocaching with a red and blue picture of Texas on one side. The other side says: Founders of "The Texas Challenge" Winners: 2003....SETX. 2004....NTX. 2005........ #0030 I could make all sorts of guesses, but I was wondering if anyone know any of the history on this thing? Thanks.
  14. It seems I REALLY need a Geocoin Club (Aug 2005) First Finders Dance coin. I'll trade generously for one. Any help out there????
  15. I've got my personal bronze and a couple of my personal LE in silver. I also have some GBA coins... The earthquake coin, the coin club coin (the one with the micro chip) and the new GBA Spring coin. Let me know if you are interested in a trade. I'm open for pretty much anything. Thank you.
  16. I've got some trackable California wooden nickels from last year and a few duplicate wooden nickels I've picked up that are also available for trade. Let me know what you have and maybe we can work something out. Thanks.
  17. I haven't had the pleasure of meeting three of the four. However, I have cached with Team Alamo and can say without a doubt... He is obsessed. It's easy to see how their stats are so superior to most others when you see the amount of prep work they go through prior to starting a caching day. No question that my best days have been when I have cached with him.
  18. People will complain that the price is too high and people will complain when someone buys something that "they" feel was too much. I guess it boils down to..... people love to complain.
  19. So by that logic if I buy 1,000 codes but only make 10 coins I can sell them for $200 each and they would be "worth it"? Actually, you can sell coins for what ever you want and if I, or anyone else, think that the coin is "worth" it... Fine, all parties are happy. However, you'll always have someone (someone who isn't buying) grumble about some aspect of the transaction. The complaining will increase if they think someone is making a profit that they feel is unreasonable.
  20. Personally, I don't think e-Bay should be a reference for the price of a new coin just coming out for sale. If a person is willing to pay that price on e-Bay once they are sold out, and you can't find them otherwise, that's different. Just my opinion.... That's true, however a lot of what you see on Ebay aren't sold out coins. On the contrary there are coins in the "preorder" stages being sold on there now. One currently at over $20.00. That's over $20.00 for a coin that has yet to be minted and is being sold by someone who has obviously less caches found than these cachers. I enjoy getting Geocoins from people I know and have met. I enjoy getting Geocoins from people who have been around and I've heard of. Again... What ever.
  21. Speaking your mind is what the forums are about. Glad to see you have the knack. Thank you and yea, I guess I don't have a problem speaking my mind. I just get a little tired of the things that get whipped up and the negativity that gets generated sometimes. It's like a shark feeding frenzy.
  22. Although more than the "normal" coin I've seen posted here. I know I've paid $10.00 and up for regular issue coins right here on the forums. Coins that were minted in much higher numbers than these coins. I've also seen new coins go for considerably more than that on Ebay. My feeling is that if you want them, get it. If you don't want them... Get over it.
  23. I have: Virtual Ghost coin and pin set. GBA Spring Coin GBA Coin Club with micro chip GBA Earthquake coin WorkerofWood coin My personal coin in Bronze My LE personal coin in Silver I'm looking for: Decoder Silver Decoder Copper Decoder Antique Gold LE Decoder Shiny Gold XLE with cool lens Decoder Antique Copper XLE with blue glitter and cool lens 2LuknF8 Jeep Bouncing Bunny - Gold or Silver Toronto 2006 - Two-Tone Saffier & Stekalsteef Helmet - Silver trade made HoboDude pending Robert's Coin pending Green & Yellow Tractor Isle of Man Or, will listen to any other offers.
  24. I just picked up my GBA Spring coins last night. I'll be sending them out today to complete trades. I do have a few left, as well as the GBA coin club (just a couple), GBA Earthquake and a few WorkerofWood coins too. Oh yea... I still have my personal Bronze coin to trade and just a couple of the silver LE's left.
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