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  1. You need to install (guess what?) a plugin called "NMEAQuery.prc". It is in a sub-folder called "plugins" where you unzipped the original Cachemate download. It might be necessary to adjust the settings in Options > Preferences > GPS Setup to match you Magellan GPS receiver, though the defaults usually work. -Wlw.
  2. In recent months, I've had an increasing number of requests for assistance with the installation of the contour data which is hosted by the Scottish Mountaineering Club. Many of these queries seem to concern issues with Garmin Mapsource, rather than the data files themselves. In an effort to help, I've prepared a written guide to the use of the SMC data. This has been approved by SMC, and by Dave Storey who was responsible for the original project. Many of his suggestions and corrections have been included in the document. You can find the guide HERE for the time being. A running FAQ has been generated, and is being maintained on the GeoX discussion forum. Please post any comments, critiques, complaints, etc to the GeoX forum, rather than here. -Wlw.
  3. Less than that - the correct distance is 118 metres, but I can't pace off to such accuracy so it gets rounded. My Silva compass doesn't discriminate to 0.5 of a degree, and neither does anyone elses. -Wlw [Edited for accuracy]
  4. Technicalities apart, I've actually ftf several (four?) caches where this type of error had occured. Rather than take the time to change datums and re-enter coordinates on the GPS, I have a small table of variances which I use as a rough guide. (The error differs according to where in the British Isles you are.) In Alibags' part of the country, I would take a compass bearing of 297º (magnetic) and pace off about 120 metres. With a bit of luck, there'd be something there that at least matched the clue. -Wlw.
  5. But, but... how are you to know that that's the nature of the error? -Wlw.
  6. The survey and mapping is being done by the same person who was responsible for the SMC contour mapping project. I should point out that Dave's still working on the Shropshire survey and, at the present rate, should have the whole county completed just after his 135th birthday... More info HERE Note that, to get this mapping to co-exist with other Garmin products, the usual Mapsource fiddling, registry editing and other scary stuff is involved. Do not try this at home. Don't know if a passport is required but, knowing Shropshire CC, I wouldn't be a bit surprised. -Wlw.
  7. The only maps that can be displayed on the Vista C are maps made by Garmin. There are no garmin-compatible maps for GB which go down to footpath-and-bridleway level - with one small exception.. The exception is the county of Shropshire, for which detailed footpath mapping DOES exist. Mapsource has indeed "gone to meet its maker" - its maker being Garmin. The meeting seems to have gone well, since a new version is presently in beta testing. -Wlw.
  8. Yes - if you build it, they will come. Don't worry about the TBs - they'll sort themselves out, before, during and (with a bit of luck) after. Something will go wrong - that's expected. If everything goes wrong, it's your fault. The only reason that everything might go wrong is lack of planning and forethought. The three most important things are: venue, venue and venue. Get that sorted out, and do your homework. Keep in touch with the venue and update them on numbers, timing, everything. Hint: remember that geocachers have kids, (They can't seem to prevent it.) Make provision for this. If a LOT of sprogs are expected, set up some fun games, specially for them, in an area near or at the venue where they can be supervised. Figure out what's going to happen when it rains - because it probably will. Get an assistant or co-organizer and delegate. A big (50+ people) event is too big a job for one person. Keep it free-form, unless you're a brilliant set-piece organizer. Leave time for folks to "do their own thing" around your local caches. And finally... ... don't panic - or if you must, don't let anyone see you doing it. -Wlw.
  9. All I can tell you is that custom map selection and transfer works fine with, so that's not the problem. If the registry is wrong, then Mapsource will usually barf as soon as you view the product. (Or even before then.) So... it's more likely that there's something wrong with the original maps, or the way you compiled them. -Wlw.
  10. It's what we all said - you can't have the base Marine POI set, and any Mapsource product in the unit at the same time. Not a matter of switching between them... ... you just can't. -Wlw.
  11. Folks Who Really Know say... As usual, the problem here is Garmin's habit of using the same name for three different things. Thing #1 - The "base" marine POI db v1.0, which is downloaded from this page. The "base" POI cannot co-exist with a Mapsource product such as CS7 - it's one or the other. Thing #2 is also called "Marine POI database", and it's available (for purchase) on the CD-ROM shown HERE. The marine part of this is similar (might even be the same as) the downloadable Thing #1. Thing #3 is called Bluechart and is a marine charting system, which includes marine POI. This is the product that Garmin want you to buy, once you realise that you can't have road mapping and "base" POI on the unit at the same time. -Wlw.
  12. Story: Geocaching Daily Herald 18.00hrs The first 300-find by a resident Irish cacher was logged this afternoon by Team Merann at the recently re-sited End of the Rainbow in County Antrim. This re-establishes Merann as the top-ranked cachers in Ireland, narrowly beating Dublin cachemaniac Kili or bust (296) into second place. Mervyn of Team Merann has had a nasty time of it over the summer, with an extended stay in hospital. Good to see him and the family up and at 'em again. Sound job. -Wlw.
  13. The Forester is allowed to pollute the environment by burning plastic in the open, because he lives in Scotland... LINK -Wlw.
  14. It works very well for Geocaching - and even better if you install this software on it... CACHEMATE Don't drop it, though... ... not even once. -Wlw.
  15. GSAK is your friend But even without it, the log is even visible from way over here... I also am slightly suspicious of the character in question - especially of remarks like:
  16. Well, Brian... Bein' as ow I've 'ad a fair amount or sucess over the years, I've decided that now's the time to retire, and let some of them young, up-and-coming dusteroffers 'ave a shot at the title - kn'at I mean? I'd just like to take this here opportunitty to thank Big Micky Wuthered, an' all them wot was in my corner when the pressure was on. Wossat...? Me plans for the future is in a state of somewhat fluiditty, at the present time, but I'll be takin' some time to write me autobiography: "Took nuffin', Left nuffin'..." -The Champ
  17. Certainly you should have done it - and your log had a good outcome, because the owner re-rated the cache. He/she is obviously a sensible owner. I'm afraid that the OP (and several others who contributed to this thread) have missed the point: caches with sensible owners, and caches which have had "a lot of effort put into them" don't usually GET adverse comments on the logs. The ones which attract adverse comment (rude or otherwise) are those which have had no thought put into the planning; are poorly prepared and/or unmaintained; or just plain lame. And they deserve it. -Wlw.
  18. The GPSMAP60 will auto-route, when used with City Select. -Wlw.
  19. If you're buying City Select on Ebay ( or from anyone else that isn't a Garmin dealer) make sure that the software comes with an "Unlock Code". If the seller doesn't know what an unlock code is, or evades questions about it, look elsewhere. -Wlw.
  20. My sentiments exactly. Though I had in mind, the one that's placed 1500Km from the owner's home, in a used ice-cream tub, without permission and in a legally protected wildlife conservation area. Mind you, the co-ords were only 75 metres out, so I suppose one could make some kind of positive remark about that... ... or perhaps not. -Wlw.
  21. It depends on the definition of what's "Rude"... Some cache owners seem to think that any adverse comment in the logs is "rude" - and this is foolish. If I wrote in a log entry: "The owner of this cache is dirty, smelly and badly dressed. He is also extremely stupid and hideously ugly." - that's probably rude. But if (as has happened) I wrote: "This cache is poorly prepared and inadequately maintained." - that isn't "rude", it's just a statement of the facts. When we put a cache out for the world to find and comment on, we have to take the comments as we find them. Those who are too sensitive or precious to read constructive or forthright comments in logs, should think seriously about hiding caches in the first place... Just my 2d worth... -Wlw.
  22. There are no aerial photos of Northern Ireland's worst hospital available on Google Earth, Multimap, or anywhere else on the 'net as far as I know. My friend Chris Hill, professional photographer of this parish, might have some - but he charges fifty quid a time for aerial prints, and he won't sell them even to me, for less. (The swab) If a photo is not available, I can give you a verbal overview if that's any help... "Large, sprawling hospital site built in 1960's neo-brutalist style on a sloping site. Main visible feature is the huge queue of patients waiting for treatment, including those who have just had their urgent operations cancelled for no apparent reason..." -Wlw.
  23. Not sure what this means... Your Fugawi software should work OK with the 60C being used as a receiver. If (on the other hand) you are looking for maps which can be displayed on the 60CS itself, your choices are limited: the only really suitable street-level mapping is Garmin's own (outrageously expensive) City Select 7 Europe. -Wlw.
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