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  1. Well... if you have the right vehicle, you can get anywhere at anytime! But if you want to see the National Monument visitor centres, you have to visit after mid May. They usually open up around May 18, which is the anniversary date of the big eruption.
  2. Most of the fancy visitor centres are on State Highway 504 (Spirit Lake Highway, the road I grew up on), but they don't open till mid-May. You could probably get most of the way up 504, the roads are kept clear and open up to the dam, just east of Kid Valley, which is about 20 miles from I-5. The roads to GC2EA1, on the south side of the mountain, should be open. Ape Caves is a great place to check out if you're on the south side. Should be accessible to winter equiped vehicles.
  3. Hi, ONE of the 2Fidoes from Victoria, beautiful BC here. While the Anacortes ferry may coast a bit more, it does save you about an hour of driving up to the border, another potential hour waiting at the Peace Arch crossing, and then another chunk of time driving to the ferry and possibly missing a sailing... and having to wait another 2 hours for the next one! Besides, clearing customs/immigration is MUCH easier coming off the ferry than it is at the Peace Arch crossing. Just something to think about! Hopefully both of the 2Fidoes can join in, too... sounds like fun! Especially the dinner part! We have an African all-you-can-eat buffet just down the road from our house, and there is also a really good East Indian buffet not far away.
  4. The author is Adrian Raeside, who lives right here in Victoria!
  5. Hi all, I'm Marie, 'One' of the 2Fidoes, from Victoria, BC. Each year I get dragged (oh, I mean 'willingly attend') the EAA Fly-in at Arlington. I bring my bike, so that I can get some caching in. Is there anyone in the area that would be free for some 2-wheeled caching? I see there is an event in Birch Bay on the 12th, but I'll only have the bike for transport. (We will have a Vanagon with us, but it doesn't move much during the airshow, as it is GZ for the campsite! All the guys sitting in the shade drinking beer wouldn't be happy with me if I moved it!) Anyway, PM me through my GC profile... 2Fidoes. Cheers! Marie
  6. I had an FTF while on vacation in Cairns, Queensland... 11,458.3 km from home. GCQGCV. We were very proud of that!
  7. Howdy, I'm an Islander, previously from the Portland area! PM me if you like. Pharmadude is right. I have 25 caches within 2km of my house! You can do all kinds of caching here... urban micros with some historical virtuals right downtown, or some more remote hiking/4wd challenges out in the middle of nowhere. So let me know what kind you'd like to do, how much time you want to spend, and what part of town you'll be in, and I'd be happy to suggest some. You can also check out our local users group, VIGPS.com. Take a look through the photos and you might see something that interests you!
  8. In Victoria, a close go-to is 'Stoopid Goose' in Beacon Hill Park, which is a great place to go anyhow. There are a few virtuals near the causeway, too... 'What's Cooking' and 'Crows visit the Governor of Nootka'. Have fun! Marie in Victoria
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