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  1. Greeting fellow Cachers, I managed to rescue a lost German Squirrel GeoCoin that is desperately wanting to get back to Germany. I am willing to mail it to someone over on that side of the world or someone on this side that is going to that side but I would really like to give him a big Boost home. I have taken him with me as I have traveled and so I think I need to try and get him closer to home. Any help is appreciated. Thanks Caberney
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    Mail TB

    I am using this thread because I have a travel bug that the owner really wants back in Germany. It got lost here in the US. I found it and have traveled with it and now would like to get it back to Germany. Anyone following this thread be able to help out. It does have to be Germany exactly but somewhere on that side of the Atlantic. All I need is an address and I will send it and it will be up to you to drop it in a cache. Really easy.
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