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  1. Just put in an order for 3 through paypal. Thank you for your time and interest. Happy caching!
  2. Geo coins what to do? My husband and I are new to this geocaching so were having to learn some things for ourselves (or hints logged by others). Most Geocoins are not trackable through geocaching.com and have to be tracked through another source and that in it self creates problems. For instance, we found our first Geocoin but didn't know if it was trackable or not, but because it had a 3 digit number on it, we assumed it was a possiblity. However, the cacher's who dropped it in the cache we retrieved it from didn't log it (they were new to the game and didn't know how nor did they know they should have). I did a search on the net for Vacman and it brought up his web site and from there I was able to figure it out and helped the other cachers log it so we could retrieve it. If I were the owner of a Geocoin, I would at least have a URL on the coin, but better yet, I would have instructions attached to the coin so that the finder has an idea of what they are suppose to do with it when they take it. There will always be those who do not play the game fairly, but please remember there are some of us who want to do the right thing but the instructions are not clear as to what that is. Because of this topic we have decided we will not be buying any Geocoins (ecept for personal reasons) but will still do a couple of TB's as the guidelines are more easily understood for other cachers. I hope this helps and I wish you luck in retrieving your possessions.
  3. I too would like to order 10 Geo coins. Thank you for all your trouble Will also confirm with e-mail.
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