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  1. I've got two Geocoins in my possession, one mine, and one that I found today, that need to take a trip across the Atlantic to Europe. I'm not heading that way anytime soon, but would love to drop them off to someone that will be. If anyone can help, that would be great. I'm East Rutherford, NJ area. Thanks!
  2. Thanks again for the help and thank you Mrs. B for the invite to the event. Unfortunately, we won't fly in until the next morning on July 8th, so we'll miss it by one day! We'll be visiting your Welcome to Wales cache though!
  3. Thank you ALL for the wealth of knowledge! Will definitely head through Bath, then up the M4 and cross into Wales. So excited for the trip. Let's hope this Yankee can drive on your side of the road safely!
  4. Hello all. My wife and I will be visiting the London area in 3 weeks on our way back to the States from a year of teaching in the Middle East. While I'm sure we'll grab many geocaches in London and around, I'd really like to find one in Wales as well. I've rented a car and we'll be driving up to Stonehenge, Bath, etc, all the touristy stuff and I'd like to sneak over to Wales to grab a few caches. Could any of you tell me the easiest/closest route from London. We'll be driving through Salisbury and then up to Bath, so I'd like to find the easiest way through to Wales from that direction. Thanks for the help and looking forward to visiting your beautiful countryside.
  5. Ouch, sorry to hear about that Terratin. Hope the rest of your UAE adventure went well!
  6. Well... Pirelli was a DUD. We didn't even make it to Oman! As we sat in line at the border post, US-A-RABIA's SUV was rammed from behind by someone no paying attention. After pulling over, waiting on the police, etc, etc etc, he finally had to go down to the station to get things straightened out. So we called it a day at that point. TrueGeo was left near Pirelli but said he had a good day out there looking for other caches. I'm really sorry if anyone else went out that way only to find us a no show. We'll try to plan another trip sometime in June? Rob
  7. WELL.... I tried to make it a breakfast meet and greet event, but I was STILL rejected. So I'm gonna call it quits and trying to create an event for fear I might piss off the reviewers. So I am still planning on doing the Pirelli Cache on Saturday, May 29th at 8:00AM. If you could pass on the below info to other cachers, that would be great! Here is the info needed... Come one, come all Geocachers to the 2010 Pirelli Trek! Pirelli (GC1B56) is the second oldest active cache in the GCC countries, behind CRATERCACHE (GC4B0) in Saudi Arabia. It is the oldest active cache in Oman and the UAE. Since it hasn’t been found in almost 2 years, it would seem NOW is the time to make a visit. The cache is technically in Oman, but can easily be reached from the UAE. You will need your passport, but no visa is currently necessary for crossing at the Hilli border crossing in Al Ain. (NOTE: To avoid confusion, TELL THE IMMIGRATION GUY THAT YOU ARE ONLY VISITING BURAIMI). To make things easier, we will be meeting at a park called Madll Picnic Campaign in Oman at 8:00am the morning of the event. Coords for the Park - N 24° 22.586 E 055° 55.042 From there, we can carpool for those who have 2x4s or just don’t feeling like driving. It will take you approximately 15 minutes from the Border Post to get to the meeting Park, then another 15-20 minutes to get to the parking area to begin the hike to Pirelli. There is also a nice camping spot at the beginning of the Pirelli hike, so feel to camp the night before, after or both if you’re coming from out of town or if you enjoy being under the stars. Pirelli is a special cache. It is not easy to get to, but finding it is a very rewarding experience. The scenery on the way to the cachesite is spectacular. The placement of the cache is spectacular as well, and Patrick LaRocque and Andrew Foley deserve an honorable mention for figuring out the placement of Pirelli. US-A-Rabia also deserves a lot of credit for taking over the cache when it fell into disrepair and keeping it alive and well. Reaching the cache from the parking area will take about 30 or 40 minutes (if you are clever, or if you use the cheat-sheet available in “Why not go find Pirelli?” GC1657B cache). The roundtrip should take about 2 hours, allowing time to find the cache and take in the scenery.
  8. I tried to make the event last night, but a reviewer archived it and said I couldn't make an event for the sole purpose of finding another cache. Should I reword this somehow or should we just plan to meet informally?
  9. Don't see why we can't do it Saturday, May 29th so Skyjuggler can attend. I'll give it another day or two to see if anyone else responds, then I'll post an event for that morning.
  10. How is Friday, June 4th? Spoke to US-A-Rabia (cache owner) and he's coming along as well.
  11. Would any of you be interested in getting together for a Pirelli event? Pirelli GC1B56, is the oldest cache in the gulf besides one in Saudi Arabia. It also hasn't been visited in over a year. I plan on hitting this cache EARLY on a Friday morning in late May or early June and I would love to have some company. There is a camping spot at the beginning of the hike as well if anyone wants to camp. I'll just be there for the day though. While Pirelli is technically in Oman, all you need is your passport when crossing from the UAE from Al Ain. So its a pretty easy process to get there. Would anyone be interested in making it an event? Just let me know! Rob (staton23)
  12. I'd love to meet some more of you cachers from the UAE. So a meet up would be great. Just tell me when and where!
  13. I did place a new cache, although it is back in Al Ain. Just put it out yesterday!
  14. Carbon Hunter, We took your advice and camped near the access road near Two Trees. We camped on a Thursday night after a short walk over the dunes. Great spot and totally secluded. Didn't hear anything but the wind. We found a place for firewood as well. The souk behind Bawadi Mall in Al Ain had a few guys who sell bundles of wood for around 35dhs per bundle You can haggle them down of course if you want to buy in bulk. The wood was easy to light and burned for a good while. - Staton23
  15. I'd like to take my wife out for some simple desert camping on one of our weekend caching runs. Since I'm pretty new to the area, I was hoping for some suggestions. I live in the Al Ain area, and would prefer something close by. Desert camping is nice, but I need to be able to reach the spot with a 2X4 vehicle, though we don't mind walking out to a nice spot. Could you kind folks offer some suggestions? Also, does anyone know where I can get some firewood? Thanks! Rob (Staton23)
  16. Thanks for the warm welcome. My wife, 8 month old baby boy and I have been in Al Ain since August. We're fairly new to caching, but I absolutely love it. Its fun and free! We'll be here until July, so hopefully we'll rack up a bunch of caches before we leave for the summer! We also planted our first cache in Al Ain last weekend, and I've already got 3 nano cache containers in the mail on the way to me. So be looking for more caches from me in the near future! Looking forward to meeting up with all/any of you as well! Thanks again for the welcome! - Rob
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