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  1. It's the internet not a filing cabinet. There is unlimited space.
  2. Why couldn't you just put a false bottom in your Ammo can and put a GPS tracking device in there.
  3. I'm originally from Scotland and I'm certifiable. Pretty simple really.
  4. Yeah, those ultra sensitive Jewish people really get on my nerves. /s Was that comment really necessary? It really puts you in a very bad light. Sorry, I thought everybody was familiar with the sarcasm tag. "/s". I abhor racism.
  5. Yeah, those ultra sensitive Jewish people really get on my nerves. /s
  6. Even if everyone reading this becomes enlightened today and realizes that the symbol is not the reality, the map is not the territory, and words are just pretty puffs of air, it doesn't address what happens when someone opens this cache in the field. That is the real question here. Is this symbol too redolent with malice to be used? Or has enough time moved on that no one would be offended? My guess is that a cache in Missouri would find few people offended but that there would still be a small number who would be. The same cache in New Jersey or Illinois would have a different audience and probably more negative reactions. Putting the cache in Germany would probably be extremely provocative. Know your audience and be careful with your words and symbols. And yes, a local reviewer would be an excellent resource for checking on these things. Carolyn Putting the cache in Germany would be illegal as the use of the Swastika has been banned in that country.
  7. I don't think it would offend me but I doubt I'd want to be seen by a muggle holding a box with a swastika on it. Especially since I shave my head and have a European look about me. Let's face it, that symbol has been ruined for everyone along with the charming little square mustache and the name Adolf. It's probably wise to stay away from all three if you want to avoid raising peoples ire.
  8. Thanks for your responses. For the record I would normally say that whoever has their cache ready to go active first should get the spot. If someone is ready before me then that is my tough luck but I'm just trying to have the courtesy of waiting until the trail is ready. I can really see someone putting a cache in there before the trail is ready and then it being found or destroyed by the people making the trail as they cut down more trees. Anyway it's no biggie it's just that it's a real sweet spot.
  9. If I submit a cache but uncheck the Active box it will not be reviewed until I recheck the Active box. But will having it submitted but not active reserve that cache spot for me while I work on averaging the coordinates and putting together a great cache. There is a new idyllic little trail being built near me and I don't want to get scooped while I put together the cache and wait for them to actually finish the trail. Thanx.
  10. 406 in 24 hours. SURE. Even if that were true, I'd hate to see the impact that caching team is having on the environment while four of them are tramping around the area.
  11. That's unfortunate for geocachers in the area but forest fires are actually good for the environment. They promote new growth. http://www.answers.com/topic/in-what-way-c...the-environment
  12. I know! I just payed $160 for a GPSr. Let me try it out please.
  13. "Druggies" who smoke pot and listen to Bob Marley are seldom dangerous. In fact they are usually quite docile. Just keep a bag of Oreos on you in case you come across an ornery one and you should be fine.
  14. I used to get through about 60 to 70 novels a year. Now I'm lucky to get through 6 to 10. I used to watch open wheel and drag racing. Now I hardly get the time and I haven't been to a racing event in YEARS! I used to shoot sporting clays at least 6 to 10 times a year. Now I'm lucky to go twice a year. I used to pay for, or at least greatly offset my vacation expenses playing poker in Laughlin & Las Vegas, but now I'm out finding caches instead of breathing the second hand smoke in the poker rooms. You need an iPod and an account at Audible.com my friend. You can read when your driving or geocaching or during any activity where you can't read a normal book. I discovered the joy of audiobooks 2 years ago and I'm "reading" four books a month and I'm still active.
  15. Well first off if you are talking about July 5th of 09 that is not that long to be that upset, you do not know what is going on in the coin holders life right now. You might try to send him a FRIENDY note and ask him if he was planning on moving it soon, and if he wasn't could he send it back to you. But it really has not been that long. In the end what can you do about it really NOTHING !!! if that upsets you maybe you should not put out trackables. Scubasonic I'm no expert on the matter in fact I'm very new to this but here's some advice anyway. When you release a track-able into the wild just assume that it will be stolen. Then if it makes anywhere you'll be pleasantly surprised. Human nature suggests that it will be stolen though. Even for those of us who don't steal, it still crosses our minds sometimes when it comes to bright shiny objects.
  16. Eternal life? World peace? Free Garmin maps? A GPS with all the bells and whistles that does everything advertised, right out of the box, without any updates? Lol. Free Garmin maps. You're a dreamer.
  17. Oh what I wouldn't give for a hollowed out tree trunk right about now. Honey! You didn't have your heart set on that FTF pin did you? Is that what I think it is? If you think it's a micro hanging from a branch, then yes, it's exactly what you think it is. Wanna take up golf? Yet another portal to hell I didn't know about. Shut up okay! It gets me out of the house. Hey Al, you think we might be taking this geocaching thing a bit too seriously? Shut up and keep looking. When I find the guy who stole my travel bug he's gonna wish he'd never been born. Excuse me. Would you mind terribly if I looked under that sunbed? Please don't make me go back in the cache. It's damp and smelly in there and there's nothing good to play with. Take me with you. Pleeeaaase! Ok this is just ridiculous! The description says it's a 3 for difficulty! Taken? Yeah that's what I said! Sorry for the long posts. I'm having a blast with this.
  18. Oh enough with the theatrics already! If you don't want to go caching just say so. Yeah, keep laughing wiseguy. Is this your cache? WE DON'T NEED NO STINKIN' PERMISSION!!! Let's go dude! Uh uh, I don't care if there's a Moun10bike up there. It ain't gonna happen. I don't care what the coordinates say; you're not looking in here. Yup, it's been muggled alright. Call the CO. My god, what kinda monster could have done this? It's insides are all over the place.
  19. Ok, let's go over the clues again. "I'm shaped like a melon but I don't have a rind, if you look all around you you'll get your next find." ...boy this is a tough one.
  20. I have placed caches just outside of cementarys "because" I love the calm and serenity and the sheer beauty of the places I have picked. Tomato..tomatto....to each their own.. We're not talking about hiding caches in places where cement is made. I don't know how calm and serene a place like that would be anyway.
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