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  1. I'm shocked..... and stunned...... Think of the serious injuries that could be inflicted on innocent forestry workers if one of these potentially lethal objects get hit by their chain saw when felling a tree that has these tacks embedding in their bark. but.. hold on, those bu**ers are cutting trees down. So sod 'em. :)
  2. I don't think there is any intention to "screw" anyone. I'm told that the owner of the site has been very sick recently. Your six dollars has been refunded.
  3. Because you are a stone hugger. Welcome aboard. TH
  4. quote:Originally posted by Chives:As previous posts on this subject, we should hear what the guidelines should be. But I just think this should be borne in mind, that's all. I've spent some time this morning on the Modern Antiquarians site and magalithic.co.uk and can't find their guidelines anywhere. Indeed there are many instances in the Modern Antiquarians forum where acts of tresspass are openly encouraged. I suggest that non-geocachers who are posting on the geocaching forums go away and put their own house in order before telling us how to conduct oursleves.
  5. I've always wondered why it was that with all that spare land, why they built Stonehenge right next (215ft) to the A344 They were obviously thinking straight though as they managed to pitch it only 400ft from the Visitor's Centre. Means we don't have that far to walk. What is it with these stones? Are we not even allowed to look at them now? I believe the words "horses" and "arse" go together well on this occassion Andy.
  6. quote:Originally posted by Moss Trooper:Why expell all that energy remembering when yer got a GPS with the locations allready in.. Yes, but you old blokes sometimes have trouble finding your car on a morning without a gps.
  7. quote:Originally posted by Huga:I now reckon I could do about 100 of the caches again if you drove me to the same place I parked. Yeah, you try that with a pineapple down your windpipe. Oooppss. sorry. Wrong forum. TH
  8. quote:Originally posted by husqui:Welcome to OC (Orange County), Mr and Mrs TH! Are ya coming here for business or pleasure? Or could this be a Valentine's Day vacation? All pleasure. Fancy some sun after a dull English winter. Valentine's Day is incidental. Got a bit put off it by the hotel charging $100 a couple for its Valentine's Dinner. quote:What type of caches would you like to do (I guess, short hikes or walks due to terrain of 2 or less) and how much time do you want to spend geocaching? Give us an idea and I'll send you some recommendations. We like interesting places. Not against the odd Cache'n'Dash too. And I don't do hills too well, so hill tops are out. Mrs. TH likes virtuals that take you to interesting and unusual places. There seems to be more of those in LA county, so we will probably do a day up there. I'm hoping to get as many days geocaching in as Mrs. TH will allow. She wants to go to Tijuana again, so one day will be spent going down there. I've mapped a few interesting caches on the way down there. quote:Since you appear to be a brew lover like myself, you may want to make a stopover at http://www.yardhouse.com/main.shtml, located inside Triangle Square on Newport Blvd in Costa Mesa. It has good food but more importantly, has OVER 200 BEERS ON TAP! Never been in there, although it is about 5 years since I've been to Costa Mesa. quote:Now if you want to soak in more of the local atmosphere, you can literally walk across the street and visit the Goat Hill Tavern. It "only" has over 100 beers on tap but it's been a Costa Mesa mainstay for a long time (maybe 20 years or so). Definitely not a ritzy atmosphere like YH but provides tons of neighborhood fun with peanut shells/sawdust on the floor, pinball machines, pool tables and the occassional bar fight... Ahhh.... the Goat Hill Tavern. Spent many an hour in there!!! Glad to see that its still going strong. If you have time one evening to quaff a couple with us, perhaps to can email your contact details. TH
  9. Take a look here: http://www.memory-map.co.uk/maps_uk_onland.htm As I said - good but not cheap. TH
  10. Hi all, We are coming over from the UK next week and will be making a one day trip down from Orange County to San Diego and over to Mexico. We would like to hit as many caches as possible in the day but I'd also not like to miss out if the are any "un-missable" caches in the area. Which ones should we really go out of our way to do? TH.
  11. I see that there are very few caches in the Tijuana area and none at all in the town itself. Is there a problem with taking a gps into Mexico? TH
  12. We are coming over from the UK on Thursday (2/13) staying for a week. Staying at the Hyatt Regency, Irvine - which as far as I can tell ISN'T in Irvine Anyone like to suggest the "must do" caches in the area. And which are the ones to be avoided? I've got a list of all the caches with a terrain rating of 2 or less and will go from there. As usual, anyone who might like to meet for a beer and some geocache chat during that period, please email me. TH + Mrs. TH
  13. It seem that most people on this forum have the impression that the major flame war with TMA started as a result of a single ill-advised post that was replied to somewhat abruptly by Mr. FourWinds. Now the Webmaster of TMA has posted more of the facts of the matter. Quote: On Tuesday, NightcacherDan posted a couple of thinly-veiled ads for buckscaching.co.uk, including their logo in the post. I deleted these from the posts, but left in what little substance remained. I hoped he'd get the message that such posts weren't welcomed. He didn't. At 7:30am on Wednesday morning I logged on to the MA to see 50+ posts doing exactly the same thing. Among these posts, to pad out the adverts, were 18th century churches, crop circles and some photos he clearly didn't have permission to use (i.e. crediting Bucks C.C. isn't quite the same as getting permission). [unquote] and........
  14. They won't miss one out of 1400 anyway. I was amazed when they logged this one a while back. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?ID=21203 The idea was to find a statue of Atlas with the world on his shoulders. They posted a photo of a poster. I guess they didn't see the bit that said "it must be a statue." http://img.Groundspeak.com/cache/log/340032_300.JPG I was astounded at the time. Still am. TH
  15. quote:Originally posted by jeremyp:I also know how to hack perl, so would be willing to help maintain the code if your stuff does end up on a different web site. The only thing I know about perl is that she is some kind of singer. TH
  16. quote:Originally posted by jeremyp:I also know how to hack perl, so would be willing to help maintain the code if your stuff does end up on a different web site. The only thing I know about perl is that she is some kind of singer. TH
  17. If everyone picked a park and placed a large number of virtual caches in there, say 50 or 60, then maybe the parks dept. would get the message that the alternative is worse than working with geocachers to agree on a sensible policy. I see that Ramsey County Parks Dept. Has done just that. No one ever got anything changed by rolling over and playing dead. Take positive action before this all gets out of hand. TH
  18. I was just trying to help out. I have emailed you direct, something that I should have done yesterday. TH
  19. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.asp?ID=22433 Hope this helps. TH
  20. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.asp?ID=22433 Hope this helps. TH
  21. I wonder what would happen if people started to place virtual caches in parks where physical caches have been removed. I would be rather ironic if one confiscated physical cache was to be replaced by say 50 virtual caches in the same park. Mmmm.. interesting thought TH.
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