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  1. The same thing happened to me with the same geocachers, I finally contacted Groundspeak with my dilema, and they were able to transfer ownership of the coin to me. Maybe you can do the same.
  2. Groundspeak is aware of theft of coins for coin collecting. There is nothing they can do. The best thing to do if you don't want a geocoin stolen is not send any out, or make proxies (copies of your own coin) and send them out instead.
  3. Well, nothing, unless you plan on reselling it. and then it will depend on the coin.
  4. Also, there is always a possibility that the next finder of the cache picked up your coin but forgot to log it or forgot they picked it up. You might try shooting off an email to those that located this cache right after you placed your coin to see if they might have your coin, or if they even saw it in the cache.
  5. You can probably bet the coin is gone for good, but even if you mark it 'missing' it does not prevent someone from grabbing it if by chance it does turn up again. You, as the coin owner can mark it 'missing' or the cache owner and you can even just 'grab' it back since you have the tracking code and make a proxy or copy coin to send out if you want.
  6. On the trackables page after you click on 'edit this trackable' in the dialog box click on 'source' and try typing again. see if that works.
  7. What evidence do you have that this person is selling coins that do not belong to them? Do you have the tracking numbers?
  8. Sorry to hear that. I don't have a silver but I have a gold one I can sell to you. Message me.
  9. That coin is still available for sale here; http://shop.spacecoastgeocachers.com/Space-Shuttle-Geodesic-Geocoin-Polished-Gold-2011-PG.htm WONDERFUL! Thanks! Not sure if you are also looking for the commemorative space shuttle geocoin but it can also be found at the same site; http://shop.spacecoastgeocachers.com/Space-Shuttle-Geocoin-1656.htm
  10. That coin is still available for sale here; http://shop.spacecoastgeocachers.com/Space-Shuttle-Geodesic-Geocoin-Polished-Gold-2011-PG.htm
  11. I don't know that *you* mean by "always" but where I live there have been only 2 new caches published within 15 miles since the beginning of the year. Maybe YOU should place some.
  12. The Great thing about Geocaching is that there will always be new caches published with new chances to be 'FTF'
  13. I have the Purple Flame digital hell. PM me
  14. mine seems to be working, did you go to 'edit this trackable' and then on that page go to the dialogue box below and type in your goal or description - if not allowing you to type, try clicking on the 'source' button.
  15. You can still buy them here; http://www.geocoinshop.eu/Geocoins-New/The-Ultimate-End-Geocoin-Antique-Gold::3155.html
  16. Once lived in New Mexico and Camped in the Summer around the Santa Fe Area, very beautiful. Wish I lived there now...
  17. Millionaire Hides Treasure In New Mexico Three years ago, New Mexico multimillionaire Forrest Fenn was diagnosed with cancer. Realizing that he can’t take his riches with him when he passes, he hid a treasure worth over a million dollars somewhere in the mountains near Santa Fe. Clues to finding the treasure can be found in his memoir, "The Thrill Of The Chase." The treasure has yet to be found, and now a cancer-free Fenn hopes that people will use the treasure hunt as a way to appreciate nature. Good luck everyone! http://screen.yahoo.com/millionaire-hides-treasure-mexico-233007961.html
  18. Recently I have been using Military First Aid Kit containers. They are about double the size of a decon containter and are only 3 bucks at our nearest army surplus store. They can be hung up in arborvitae or laurel bushes easily and are a decent sized cache.
  19. I always put an unactivated coin with my caches for FTF prizes, some are actual FTF coins and some are just various micro coins, but I never activate them I leave that for the cacher that finds them first. It's a great incentive.
  20. Most geocachers play the game with integrity and pick up and move the trackable items correctly as is intended. But there are a few bad apples who retrieve the geocoins and TB's in the caches and will keep them. It's too bad that this happens, but since Groundspeak does not require people to pay for a membership, anybody can create an account and unfortunately some do just to go after trackable items, if you want to help prevent these items from disappearing, you can try and only place them in Premium Member only caches. But there are no guarantees that they still won't disappear.
  21. Actually 'Collecting' Geocoins are the ones you have legitimately purchased or they were given to you, or you earned someway in a challenge or whatever. They are YOURS, the ones that people take from a cache and then keep, is not really collecting. It's stealing....
  22. I also get that same message, but noticed that the action of copying the coin to my list does still happen, have you checked to see if your 'copies' are there?
  23. You may want to contact Marc @ cointracking, he is open to suggestions on issues.
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