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  1. Done. I hope the info helps you in your research.
  2. Simply submit a cache report under your own account for the coordinates you choose. That is what I was planning, just don't know the proper words to express myself. There is always so much to learn about everything!
  3. Thanks for all the help everyone. I have contacted the cache owner and he said that he is too far away to maintain it and that I can adopt it. I will be putting the application through, once I have researched that it is on public land and get the coodinates of where we want it next time I am North. You helped a lot to understand this fun addiction that I am still fairly new at. I always have a question that needs to be answered! This one is solved, thanks. Happy Caching!
  4. It truly is a great place and close to the graveyard my grandparents are buried in. That is how my Dad found it when he was visiting about a month ago. I would love to make it cache find #41. But if it is archived too bad. All of the original cache contents are still in it I didn't take anything or leave anything, just signed the log. Who is the owner? (if anyone knows).
  5. Thanks for the info. It is in a great location and well hdden, too bad.
  6. I found a cache (Trail Sign Cache - N45* 41.584 W79* 38.464) this weekend - with the help of my Dad as he was the one to find it and let me know about it. It was placed on Aug 5, 2009 and only on signature of the FTF. I know there are other geocaching sites, but has anyone heard about this geocache. It is in a great location and winter friendly. Is there a way to find if it was archived?
  7. I have found one while I was taking a break at work. I had driven about 200 km and needed to stop and take a break. I parked in a small carpool site and was getting my well deserved rest. I looked over and noticed a little trail going into a tree. Lo and behold I walked over and right in front of my eyes was a micro. I signed the log and was refreshed and ready to get back on the road. I am still relatively new at geocaching and my find let me know that my geosense it getting better as I go out more and hunt! I also introduced my dad to the sport recently. He called excited one night. He was at a local graveyard paying respects when he noticed a trail going into the woods. He followed it and found a cache. He was excited to find it. He still needs a GPSr and it is up to me to find him one. He wants one more than ever now!
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