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  1. You can't hide 'private' caches on this site or most other cache listing sites as they are set up to be for public listings.


    If the intended audience for your caches is the school ONLY then you might have to do it internally.

  2. The most important question I have so far is about Maps. Is there a source for Australia geo-caching maps other than through Garmin? I use the GPS 60Csx and the Oregan 300 almost exclusively. Last year we traveled through the UK and was put in touch with a chap in London that supplied maps on SIM cards that were more current and detailed than those supplied by Garmin.



    OpenStreetmap based, good enough for most purposes, and free too!


    Is there a forum for each State? If not, might I be so lucky that one or two cachers in each would take me under their wing and be a sounding board for specific questions that may arise as our trip time nears? Nothing personal, but information about caches, the weather and sights to see during our stay

    There are state based forums over at Geocaching Australia and the forums are frequented more than these ones!



  3. I have noticed on ebay that the Garmin and Magellan GPS's in the USA are a third of the price than Oz, would they have Oz maps or would they be extra if I bought from USA


    By default Garmins come with a world 'basemap' which is VERY basic mapping for the globe, and terrible.

    You'll either need to but Garmins expensive maps (which are very good) or use something like http://www.osmaustralia.org/garmin.php which are free (and good enough in most cases)


    Buying overseas can be a problem if it comes to warranty issues though, so beware!

  4. Look like it’ll be good although a bit disappointed it’s in the same state as this years.

    Would be nice to see the mega event move around the country.

    There's no official 'MEGA' committee. Anyone can attempt to list one!


    It will only move if some other group gets together and runs one.

  5. 9-11 Blood Drive Beg Cache


    September 12, 2001 by Jeremy (193 found)


    If you can't donate blood, please donate to the Red Cross by clicking the link above this message


    Double standards if ever I have seen them...


    Well done all who got this cache archived :angry:


    Not to sound crass, but it's ONLY 150,000. In the grand scheme of things, its a drop in the bucket


    So that means 3000 Americans is more important than 150,000 Asians???


    Of course, since people are still logging it after it's archived, I guess it really IS all about the smiley, even when it comes to this. That's pretty sad.




    Congrats GC.COM on showing your true colors.


    Please cancel my Premium Membership.



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