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  1. Best of luck, GC have been deaf to this for years. Best to use an alternate website for better stats.
  2. The rules in question belong to this site and this site only. Perhaps explore alternatives rather than razing the game to the ground.
  3. You can't hide 'private' caches on this site or most other cache listing sites as they are set up to be for public listings. If the intended audience for your caches is the school ONLY then you might have to do it internally.
  4. http://www.osmaustralia.org/garmin.php OpenStreetmap based, good enough for most purposes, and free too! There are state based forums over at Geocaching Australia and the forums are frequented more than these ones! http://forum.geocaching.com.au
  5. A lot of cachers have been on g+ since the first few weeks I've got 170+ cachers in my geocachers circle right now. Less than 50 of those would be Australian however
  6. By default Garmins come with a world 'basemap' which is VERY basic mapping for the globe, and terrible. You'll either need to but Garmins expensive maps (which are very good) or use something like http://www.osmaustralia.org/garmin.php which are free (and good enough in most cases) Buying overseas can be a problem if it comes to warranty issues though, so beware!
  7. Try http://www.osmaustralia.org/garmin.php Download the maps for your state, unzip them and copy the .img file to the Garmin folder on your GPS. Free and good enough for most purposes!
  8. There's no official 'MEGA' committee. Anyone can attempt to list one! It will only move if some other group gets together and runs one.
  9. They never had an association with GCA. We don't get involved with retailers.
  10. I would love to see Team Piggy Love their work!!
  11. 9-11 Blood Drive Beg Cache Double standards if ever I have seen them... Well done all who got this cache archived So that means 3000 Americans is more important than 150,000 Asians??? Hmmm......and look... PEOPLE WERE LOGGING THIS AS A FIND LAST YEAR!!! Congrats GC.COM on showing your true colors. Please cancel my Premium Membership. CraigRat
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