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  1. It's clearly spelled out in the placement guidelines:
  2. Getting one really good dose of poison oak was enough for me. For those that didn't learn the first time, though, you might want to investigate this stuff, I've heard good things... Gardners Armor
  3. Hi! have a question and can´t find anywhere the answer. If i buy a premium account now for a year its valid till December or until Oct next year? Thanks!! A one-year membership buys you twelve months regardless of when you buy it.
  4. Same here. I go for the hike, the hunt and the log. I will move TB's occasionally but trades are off my radar.
  5. A friend of mine got a Verizon Charge and installed the Groundspeak GC'ing app last week. While I don't think it's the ideal arrangement, it's working out fine for her.
  6. I REALLY don't understand this solution - but had heard of it and darned if I didn't have to employ it for the first time last week. However, NONE of my USB devices were being recognized. Darned if it didn't work, though. The short answer is that in Windows XP (and Win7 from what I'm seeing) after a USB port isn't used for a while the USB driver built into the operating system sets the OHCI controller to "Suspend". Whose decision that was, I don't know but if ever find out I'm going to slap them for it. Anyway, when you plug a device back into the now-suspended USB port, it can sometimes fail to wake up properly and voila... An error is reported. There's a registry "hack" that corrects this, but I don't really "do" registry hacks over a forum. The suggestion to perform a "Power Up Master Clear"™ simply resets the OHCI and, hopefully, gets it to properly recognize USB devices as it should.
  7. This may sound stupid but it works as often as not. Shut down your PC normally, meaning by using the Shutdown option under the Start menu (I never stop feeling silly saying that). Now, once the PC is shut down physically disconnect it from the power source by pulling the plug from either the back of the computer tower, or the wall socket. Walk away from the computer for a good five minutes or so (go make a cup of tea or something). After a few minutes (seriously, a few MINUTES) plug everything back in, reboot and see if your USB controller is playing nice now.
  8. As an avid hiker it's hard to suggest any pack you haven't actually strapped on, dumped some weight into and walked around in. It's staggering how different various packs feel empty and how they feel with any amount of weight thrown into them. My best advice would be go to a place where you can have your frame (body) measured and try on different packs both with and without weight. Seriously, even for short day hikes you'll be doing yourself an immense favor.
  9. The best caches I've found are the ones that require some effort to GET TO in the first place. I've given up on "urban" caching, really; but then I've always said I'm a hiker/backpacker that likes to geocache -- not the other way around -- so the journey, for me, is primary while the caches are more icing on the proverbial cake. I'm also very bad about logging my finds so don't put too much emphasis on my cache-count. Anyway... I also use Pocket Queries almost exclusively and exclude nano's and micros; I'm about to start weeding out "Small" caches as well because it just seems like the larger containers are apt to be better thought out and better placed and thusly result in an overall better geocaching experience. I'm tired of pill-bottle caches, frankly. But of course this is all very personal stuff, matters of opinion to be sure; I'm sure there are many out there who are thrilled to find everything I don't; like pill-bottles and nano's for instance. Other tools include Google Earth to scope out the terrain. My suggestion, in short, is... Plan what is, for you, a decent hike or walk in the woods or whatever and then look for caches along your chosen route. Then, if the cache's are lousy, at least you've had a decent walk/hike.
  10. Maybe I'm asking a silly question, but... Do you have an actual GPS receiver you're using for this or are you trying to geocache using only paper maps? If you're using maps only, and you have the coordinates for the geocaches you're going to be hunting for, you could plug those coordinates into Google Earth, instead of Google Maps, and see pretty much EXACTLY where you want to go (Google Earth uses satellite imagery). Compare the Google Earth imagery with your local trail map and you should be good to go.
  11. I guess I'm not being clear. I was referencing the OP's reference to not wanting people to be able to filter out these particular Micros. I was trying to say that doing anything along those lines - preventing people from being able to filter-out these particular Micros - would not be to my liking.
  12. Did I somehow imply I felt I was being forced to do something?? That being said, 1. The logic truly is... um... tortured, in my opinion and 2. I see with some frequency hiders of Micros trying to... how do I put this delicately... disguise the fact, shall I say, that the cache in question IS in fact a Micro (most commonly by stretching the guidelines and listing them as a "Small"). Now, maybe I'm reading OP incorrectly but somehow, to my mind, the comment about not wanting these to be to be filtered out (by their Micro status) smacked a bit, possibly, of dodging the issue that these Micros are in fact Micros. Why else would the topic even have been mentioned? Now with all THAT being said, if you want to hide Micros, please, by all means hide Micros! Woohoo... Go nuts!! But LIST them as Micros and let me filter them out if that's what I want to do.
  13. YES! Thank you for saying that. If I don't WANT to see a ton of Micros on my PQ then I shouldn't have to. Market this multi to your TARGET AUDIENCE: Micro lovers. Leave those of us who don't like Micros, and don't want to spend our time hunting them down, to do our own thing, please and thank you.
  14. As frequently as this question arises you think it would occur to one of the Mods to lock post at the top of this forum that covered this topic. One that had links to some of those threads, even... Threads comparing different models to one another for instance. Why hasn't that been done??!! For the love of all that's HOLY someone please TELL ME why is there no "What GPSr Should I Buy?" sticky thread??? Why?!!
  15. A cheaper option would be to use Dry Sacks. Any decently supplied outdoor store, like REI, would have them. Easier to use, and cheaper, than a waterproof backpack. Something like these maybe.
  16. Wow... I didn't know that. That sorta sucks.
  17. Well you CAN download the MapSource software from the Garmin website, as well as the maps products (City Nav and TOPO maps). Save all the files to your Desktop or your My Documents folder. Then, install MapSource, and then your map downloads (in that order). Once everything is installed, use MapSource to access the maps and too transfer them to the memory card in your GPS unit. THAT'S how it works.
  18. No problem. Okay, I was assuming you had the DVD's for City Navigator as well as the TOPO maps for your area, and that you had already installed them on your PC. If you don't have those maps installed, and MapSource as well, you'll need to do that before anything else. So... Do you NOT have any map DVD's then? Are you trying to buy them from Garmin online and download them or what? Once the software (the map packages) is installed to your computer, THEN you will then be able to choose what maps you want to put on your memory card, but not before.
  19. Took me a while to figure this one out too... Here's what you need to do: Connect your 60CSx to your computer. Open MapSource. Click on the dropdown menu at the top left. Select the City Navigator maps you want to install to your memory card. Go BACK to the dropdown menu. Select the TOPO maps you want to install to your memory card. Now transfer... The whole shebang (City Nav and your TOPO's) will both be on your memory card. Easy when you know how.
  20. I'd just like to point out that, personally, I'm having an absolute blast downloading tons of color satellite maps (the DOSQQ or IBMBBQ or whatever they call the things) for my new PN-30! Took me a little reading to get the "hang" of doing it efficiently but now that I've mastered my preferred methodology, all I can say is... 16GB is NOT big enough!!! *Muahahahahahahaha!!!* DO YOU HEAR ME ROCKIN' RODDY??? NOT... BIG... ENOUGH!!!
  21. I'm getting to the age where very little surprises me any more. A geocache-turned-bomb would not surprise me, it would sadden me. I would, I'm quite sure however, manage to continue enjoying the hobby in much the same way that I somehow manage to get in my car and drive from Point A to Point B without worrying about drunk drivers, road rage, catastrophic engine failure, tire blow-outs or the pain and itch of a temporary hemorrhoidal flare-up. THIS. Of course there are. Doesn't keep me from getting outta bed in the morning though. I guess I just foolishly wander through Life feeling pretty prepared, generally speaking, for whatever the world is going to throw at me. Jeebus sometimes I look back and wonder how I made it this far. Thanks to Uncle Sam I've been shot at and blown up; I've been snake bit, spider bit and once, there was this one woman... (sighs fondly). I've been lost, punched, kicked (by horses, men, women and children), hit by a car and I've occasionally been poked by sharp objects. So yeah, if a poppin' a cache is gonna be what finally punches my ticket, <laugh> well so be it. At least I'll have been doing something I enjoy. Frankly, I've got headier things to concern myself with.
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