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  1. Hello all, Recently I bought a used Garmin 750w. Great price but no mount. I've been looking on line and there are good prices on the parts that mount to the windshield or sit on dash but the cradle that holds the unit are a little harder to find and priced accordingly. Before I buy I just wanted to ask if anyone has an old one laying around. Thanks.
  2. Thanks for the help. I got a good deal on a used 750w and am beginning the learning process. You may be hearing more from me......
  3. Morning all, I have read a lot of posts re. the Nuvi and paperless caching and I like the idea. I have a Lowrance I Finder Expedition C and I like the large bright screen and electronic compass. It seems to me the Nuvi would give me the paperless function and the added benefit of a gps in the truck. I do a lot of caching in the dark and this would be very handy. There are lots of used Nuvis in various models available in my area for under $100. Thought I had it all figured out. I would get a Nuvi, load cache info from GSAK, set a route of say 15 caches in the order I wanted to hunt them and go. Last night I read OLDA'sFans thread re. the sale at REI, and talked to them about the Nuvi 265wt they have on sale and found out the unit is not capable of loading a route of caches in a certain order. The lady went as far as saying she didn't think any Nuvi models were. Are there any Nuvi owners out there with a different take on this? Seems I have read about others doing this with a Nuvi. I am trying to figure out a more efficient way to the next cache than selecting the closest cache from the waypoint list. Sometimes I will drive miles to get to the cache that is 1/2 mi. away because of ditches, RR tracks and street layout. Sorry for the long winded post.
  4. Welcome and it just keeps getting better. We're new also and having a blast! Everyone we've met in the Geo-caching circuit are top shelf genuine folks. Now that the weather is starting to cool off we're looking forward to some serious hikes!
  5. I'd like to add something here. Do not waste your time and enthusiasm trying to get a complete understanding of your unit by reading the manual. Lowrance makes a good GPS but they write a poor manual. I own an Expedition C and it sat on a shelf for over a year because I couldn't figure it out and wasted many hours trying. Don't make the same mistake. My manual doesn't address manually entering a waypoint. I learned that here. Lots of good folks and solid information. Start with the basics and go caching, you will learn as you play. So, you live in Texas? The Lowrance will get you to the outhouse in a whiteout blizzard, and that's where the manual belongs- hanging on a nail.
  6. Tifranta, I replied to your I M . before reading this, I'll be happy to share any settings of mine for GSAK. I haven't been able to get the results I was looking for from the Lowrance utility.
  7. Hey Indotguy, This is the first I've heard of it. I did download and experiment with it but the results have me a little confused. I ran a zip file (PQ) with around 300 caches and it picked out the waypoints (3) and converted them only. Also the menu for info displayed didn't offer logs or find/dnf info, and I can't figure out how to access settings. I'm thinking it may be a Vista thing as it's not mentioned in their list of operating systems. Any thoughts?
  8. Hey all, With help I've been able to get the unit to display the following: cache name, cache size, find/terrain difficulty, hint, coordinates, altitude,time, distance and bearing. I was pretty happy with this until last week when the unit displayed a cache hint of about 200 characters. Now I'm thinking I have capacity that I'm not using and looking for a way to better utilize it. Any ideas? I don't use the altitude (live in Florida) or time data. I would like to get last find/dnf dates and cache owner name displayed. I'm taking PQ's to GSAK and downloading them to a data card. I am having a hard time with GSAK, but learning, I'm not a very technical person. Also I realize this unit is not capable of going paperless, I'm just trying to max out it's ability. Sometimes we have a little time, pick up the gps and see if there is a cache in the area-you know. Any help is appreciated, Thanks!
  9. GS, I'm new at this too, one of our units is a Garmin Etrex Venture HC that we've had about a week and are going through the learning curve. We use GSAK (I'm not a technical type but am managing it.) Our Garmin will load straight from Geo-caching.com when connected with cable and the Garmin program is running. This works well for a select few caches at a time. (The Garmin is turned on and in geo-caching mode.) Just click the "send to gps tab. We use GSAK to download a lot of caches at one time and to filter the way we want the information sent to the gps. I believe EASYGPS does the same thing as GSAK, Neither is necessary. You may want to simplify and download right from Geo-caching to the unit, find the page that displays your waypoints and from there select a cache and use the "go to" function. I'm sure someone a lot more knowledgeable will come along, 'till then I hope this helps.
  10. Yesterday we were caching a local park with lots of tree cover and bounce. Came across a tree laying across the trail and sitting on top of it in clear view was a cache. Then the "waypoint passed" and "arrival" alarms went off on my GPS. Turned out to be a Girl Scout event letterbox cache. We signed the log and went on to find the cache we were after. Strange about the alarms, we had signal issues the whole time we were in there but no other alarms. Fun day.
  11. I can't help with your search issues, but when you find a night cache check the info on the side for bookmarks. This listing includes a public bookmark of the night caches in my area. Hope this helps.
  12. I have something to add here, one of our few caches is on a fence around an African American cemetery in Jacksonville, Florida. The comments are few so far but positive. One thing comes to my mind when I visit this place is that change comes and we learn. Sometimes it happens slowly and a gentle nudge from the past helps to see it. I consider this place a lesson in history and hope many learn from it....especially the children.
  13. I'm new also but have had experience with this. While in the field checking locations to place a cache I pulled up the nearest cache on my GPS (lowrance expedition c) and the distance between my location and the cache was displayed.
  14. Thanks folks, so far I have been able to download the caches to EasyGPS from the map page as Indotguy described. They are listed as gpx files. I send them to the data card, install the card in GPS and download the info. and all I can read are basics, location, cache size, levels of difficulty. I'm good with this, but it would be nice to have all the cache info- description, hints,logs etc. Once again I appreciate the help. How do you run a PQ on demand? The only option I see is to set it up for tomorrow. (?)
  15. Hello all, I sure could use some help here, I'm trying to find an alternative to the pocket query for loading a few caches in separate locations, something I have been doing manually but it's a slow process prone to operator error. I have a Lowrance I finder Expedition C and some data cards, that's it. No cable or mapping software. I do have "Easy GPS" installed but I am still in the learning curve. I'm running Vista/Firefox 3.5 on an HP Pavillion dv9000 laptop. The laptop has a slot for data cards and I have been able to take a pocket query of around 500 caches, transfer it to the card and then to the Lowrance. Gold star for me as I'm not proficient at the computer and have a basic (but improving) understanding of the Expedition C. What I would like to do is take caches from the find a cache map put them in files and transfer the files to a card. For example this weekend we would like to go to several waterfront parks and these parks have two to five caches in each. I'm not interested in the hundreds of caches in between in the urban areas, it's a lot of clutter and in some areas the icons dominate the screen. Is this possible? And is there a way to get all the cache info on the card? When I run a PQ I get the size, difficulty rating and location, that's pretty much it. One more question, on the "Easy GPS" program the tutorials just take you around in circles. Is this some sort of initiation? any one want to share the secret? Thank you very much for your time, I do appreciate the help, Bob.
  16. The Princess Place Preserve is pristine historic area with some caches, just south of St. Augustine. After a wedding at the Fountain of Youth you may be looking for a little isolation. Well maintained trails, wildlife out the yazoo and some very interesting architechture. Time well spent.
  17. You might check with your reviewer. If there are already caches in the park he/she may have a contact name.
  18. I like to give credit where it's due, I want to thank the reviewers who have been working with me on my first caches. I'm new and appreciate their time, effort and patience as I get through this learning curve. I've had some caches published in less than an hour! If I could get city park permission that fast I'd be in heaven. Big attaboy, way to go and have a great weekend!
  19. Thanks everyone for the help and insight. I'll run another PQ at the end of the week and make sure I save it.
  20. OpinioNate, Thank you but I'm still having no luck getting into My Pocket Queries. When I follow the link there are three links on top: Geocaching Home > Pocket Queries> My Pocket Queries. When I mouse over the "My Pocket Queries" link it does nothing. Clicking on the "Pocket Queries" link takes me to the same page That I am on. The tab for the page I am on reads "My Pocket Queries." If I'm wrong about setting it up weekly and only ran it once would it be trashed after being generated? I'm thinking the link the link for "My Queries" isn't working because it's empty. ?
  21. OK, I'm new and trying not to ask dumb questions but..... last week I set up my first pocket query and set it up on a weekly basis. I have a lot of caches to look for now and don't need any new data. How do I pause it? I know to get in by clicking my user name/member features but cannot find an edit link. Also, are these queries stored for me somewhere?
  22. OK, I get it now. This was a way point (boat ramp,) for a cache which is on an island. Thanks for taking the time to explain that. Great forum.
  23. We recently upgraded our membership and ran our first pocket query, all caches within 10 miles of the house. I have come across one cache so far whose number starts with the letters AR and after searching the area well I could not come up with the find and looking the number up resulted in "cache is unpublished." I think the query generator includes archived caches. So I'm thinking if you know the area of the archived cache you might run a query.
  24. You said you could enter waypoints manually, there you go. I'm new at this too and may be doing something wrong, but I enter mine manually as waypoints and go find 'em. Hope it helps.
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